Friday, February 02, 2007

A retailing we will go.

Would you look at that? It's been like FOREVER since I posted. Maybe that's because I've been working. Go figure.

Working does kinda pay off. I bought these today, totally on a whim. Let's just say they do NOT make my feet look small. It is true however, that the large green portion that sticks out from the hem of my jeans makes me very happy. And I'm getting a new vacuum. I need input. I want this one, but I'm not sure if the many dollars more it requires is really worth it. Is there a cheaper one that's just as good? I'm gonna look it up, but if you have any opinions, please let me know.
Mom got me this book for my birthday. I'm really enjoying it. I've never read anything by Joanne Harris, but she wrote Chocolat, and since I love the movie, I was fairly certain I would enjoy this book. One thing that bothers me about modern fiction. The lack of quotation marks. Is that because I'm supposed to be in someone's head? Are they thinking or are they talking? It gives me a rather unsteady feeling when reading. I like the style, but sometimes when I read for recreation, I just wanted to be guided through the story. Straight, easy, grammatically correct. Making an exception for fragments of course. Love those. And artistic punctuation. That's ok too.

So there's obviously been some retail therapy happening. I haven't even mentioned the scrap supplies. Tonight I bought Foofala buttons, AND Heidi Swapp journalling spots. (Missy is rolling her eyes about now. Hey! I got shoes! And a shirt at Old Navy! I'm not a complete loss!)

The kids are up late tonight watching Cars. That is a great movie. I wish I could hook you up with Bo's impression of the dialogue between Luigi and Lightning McQueen. Hilarious!!!

Bo's word du jour: moment

i.e. "For a moment, I thought you were telling me that I had to make my bed and brush my teeth at the same time, and I was thinking, that would be pretty tricky!"
As we like to say around here: "Open mouth, empty brain."

Emma's word du jour: apparently

"Appawentwy, Bo thinks that he is the boss of me." "I appawentwy have two movies that I wike."

Em started Ballet and Jazz classes last saturday. It makes me squeal with the cuteness. The black leotard, and black jazz pants and shoes with the bun, yikes it's cute. I'll try to get some snaps tommorrow!

Hope everyone has a loverly weekend!


Anonymous said...

i love the way you write about your life
and that little emma is truly wonderful

jayjay said...

OH how loverly those children are every MOMENT, APPARENTLY. (Was that grammatically correct or do you prefer to just 'be inside my head'?) LOVED that you are back on the blog. Oh, I think I'll go out and get green sneakers too, and then find that doggone book and stumble through the grammar as well.

Lu said...

green chucks!!!!! how cool is that?!

Pound said...

look at your little dancer! cute!
and doesn't retail therapy actually work most times? =P
cute shoes. sneakers are the best. besides flip flops.
post more. must! post! more!

missquiss said...

My chucks make my feet look huge too but I love them!

You have got the cutest kids.

Deborah Fantasia said...

Hi :)
I like your blog, wanted to say hi !
Hope you don't mind a new visitor :)

Unknown said...

Hey Sarah!!! I have 2 dysons!! Don't ask why but I love them both. Go out and get yourself one.
I love your blog!!