Sunday, January 22, 2006

Catch up.

I swear there are two tags floating around that are gonna hit me any second!!! I'm behind! I need to do Alison's Jeopardy Tag FIRST.

Ok. My best six Jeopardy Categories.


I'm going from the top of my head here.

1) I'll take British Actors for 200, Alex.

2) Songs from Musicals for 300.

3) Birth weights of neices and nephews for 400, please. (Note that is not of my own children! Just the eblings!)

4) LM Montgomery and Maud Hart Lovelace books for 500 ( I did ALOT of reading during my home school days- I still adore Anne and Betsy!)

5)My sisters' childhood memories for 600. DAILY DOUBLE! SCORE! (They say I remember more about their life then they do!)

6) Songs you never heard for 800. (I know it sounds like number 2 for some of you, but trust me, it's different)

Well, I am officially a My Space person. I feel rather lame about this. I think my eblings have added me rather reluctantly to their list of friends. Probably afraid I will go on there and say things about them being babies and reprimanding their friends for all the funky stuff they got going on in their "space." But, I swear I'll be cool. I'll even say things like "fo shizzle" and "Whasssuuuuuuuup?" Yeah. I'm cool. Coolest aunt evah. Fo real. L8r Bro. OMG.

Another excellent, hilarious meeting last night. Just crazy. I mean seriously-when there are puppets involved, things are bound to get a little out of hand. We sang ALOT. We'd be talking, laughing, and someone would bust out another song as if it was part of the conversation. And it was. And He was glorified. And we enjoyed it! Isn't that lovely?

Today I have not left the house. Once. Not even come close to the front door. It's been GREAT. But tommorrow is another story. And so we plod on through another week.

Peace out. (says the cool Aunt)


Missy said...

Oh you are cracking me up with the myspace talk... I am SURE you won't embarrass yourself ;)

Anonymous said...

beware the time-sucking power of myspace! I'm glad you're on my friends list.

Anonymous said...

you R cool!!!

and you made me laugh which is hard to do lately :)

I've got to get down to TEXAS soon.


e said...

you kill me! HA!!!
funny funny schtuff...
ps. colten says "hi" to Bo...and wants to know how old he is ;)

Raina* said...

yo yo yo, oh my goodness, you are very cool. fo shizzle.

and I've just exhausted my cool talk capabilities.

Anonymous said...

everyone keeps mentioning myspace and i've never even visited there!
now i'm gonna have too!
thanks girl,
if this turns into another addiction my husband is going to FREAK!
i'm already on the computer all the time anyway!

Goody said...

How funny!!!!!!!

Mara said...

ahh yes, cool aunt!!

Jocelyn said...

i don't doubt you're gonna be the coolest myspace aunt ever. i refuse to give in to get one because i know it will become attached to my hip.

i made you a card, but it's too dark to photograph, so i will put it up soon. i hope you're having an amazing day!