Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ache, Adulate and Auscultate

I ache everywhere. I have a tube sock filled with raw rice under my shirt, stuffed down my pants, held upright by my bra strap. I have it on my personage every evening. Usually on my lower back, and then when I'm in bed, under my right hip. But when I ache everywhere, as I do tonight, I put it long ways on my back hoping the warmth and comfort will radiate to neck and feet.

Bo sleeps with "Froggie" and "Spirit."
Emma sleeps with "White Bwankie."
I sleep with "Rice Sock."

I love Rice Sock.

Did a page tonight with the fabu mini kit from It's YUM-O.

Favorite blog post o' the week: here. It's very cute and doggie. Check out the comments for Emma's response.

My three current scrap crushes:

I'd let people call me Arah if I could just be lumped in with these girls and their skillz for a while. (I wouldn't want to break up the whole A thing.) I Aspire to be like them. Admire their skills. Adore their comments. Adulate their pages. Adopt their ideas. get the idea.

Listening to Linda Ronstant's "Feels Like Home to Me" which, even though it is a LR song, it is just so beautiful and so reminiscent of a very full time of life. (Music Match didn't have the Bonnie Raitt version, which would be infinitely preferable. )

Feels like home to me,
Feels like I'm all the way back where I belong.

So I think I'll go all the way back to the title and call this post...........


Bill Heroman said...

And I sleep with Gorgeous!

I love you, Gorgeous!

Mara said...

cute post.
love the rice sock.
that's funny.
and the LO is awesome.
I kind of need to check that site out.
happy weekend!

Goody said...

Absolutely, adorably animated and articulate, amazingly admirable!

Colleen said...

that my dear is a great pic of you.

and how cute is your hubby!!!

rice bags...oh yeah. my mom made me one. i love it.

Scott said...

Rice bag? I need to know about this, what does it do???


sarah said...

Aww...your husband is the sweetest!

that rice bag sounds like something I need...and you're right - those girls are amazing, but I think you're right there with them already! :)

Anonymous said...

I sleep with a stupid cat who hogs the bed.
I love you for saying such nice things, Arah. I'ma call you Arah. Because if I'm in a group I want you to be in it too. You're awesome. You're the one who taught me to buy the huge letters at Walmart and be painty sometimes. I love you! Did I already say that? Well I do.

Virginia said...

(ok, how sweet is your husband's comment?!)

Cracking up at the mental image of Rice Sock. Sounds nice and comfy though. I may have to try that for my aching preggo back!

Love your new pic- very cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey Arah!!
You totally made me blush!
I don't know what adulate means either.
I don't think I've ever been anyone's scrap crush and so I will savor every minute of this.
You and me---> we need to swap!

Anonymous said...

rice sock! hee hee!!!
i have a rice bag
AND a barley bag... :)
and took them to bed with me faithfully to keep my toes warm. until my dearest dh bought me an electric blanket! :)

Jocelyn said...

loveee the page and all those synonyms. but dude, you don't look like that! well, apparently you do, and you're super cute.

Lu said...

I love that pic in your LO