Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Snotty Post

I'm gonna blog tonight, even though I'm wacked out dead tired and suffering from a cold. And a cold sore. Ooog. Luckily I had a script from the last time I got one of these suckers, and hopefully it's duration will be shortened.

Just newsy stuff and bits.

I have a cold. Oh yeah, I mentioned that already. Did I mention that I have a cold? And I'm tired? Ok. Well, I am. I feel like I have a big rock of pain in between my throat and chest when I cough. Nice. Bill is still coughing, and so are the kids. So much for my "Oh I NEVER get sick" stories. Well, I don't usually get sick enough to stay in bed, just sick enough to keep doing all that I have to do and feel miserable doing it. A day in the life of a mama, eh, ladies??
Bo is cracking me up. He thinks "snot" is a bad word, so he spells it out.
"Mama, I have alot of, you know, S-N-O-T."

I got an email from Legacy Magazine asking for one of my layouts for publication! That pretty much rocked my world!!! I got an email today saying they received the layout and may retain it for up to 8 months, but will let me know what issue it will be in. It was an effer dare. The last one. I love love love love those dares. Love them. I just hope they use it!!!!

My girl Jen got a layout accepted by Scrapbook Trends---I'm totally stoked for her! She has a really great colorful- fun style. She also has a cold. Which I do too, did I mention fatigue? Well, I'm feeling it, and she is too, I imagine.

Susie (Bill's Mom) is coming in town tommorrow for the weekend to celebrate Emma's birthday. We've got the final soccer game, and party, and Emma's birthday party, and a whole lot of shopping to do so it'll be cram-packed, and I need to sleep tonight! The good news is I got the house cleaned. Rest easy, Mom.

Over Thanksgiving we are going to a conference in Jacksonville with the church there. It should be really good. Really Important. The kids are staying with my sister, and are totally excited to be with their cousins and auntie for the time! We are leaving Tuesday night, (yes, we are DRIVING to Florida. No, we are not insane, just frugal) and I will have loaded days on Monday and Tuesday trying to see as many patients as possible, packing and getting ready. Not to mention the cards I JUST HAD to make to take to the conference. They look pretty sketchy in the photos. I'm so excited about hanging out with people from all over- Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Colorado Springs, Vancouver, HOORAY! It's going to a blast seeing all my peeps that I never get to see! And all together!!!!

Here's a couple of the cards....I couldn't wait for the kit, Em! They had the jumbo cards at Target for one dollar, and I just had to play with them! These are two of five that I have made.

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good girl this year.
Please send me a canon rebel or any digital camera
that doesn't take grainy pictures. And some brown
boots, and Designing With Paper, and some more
opportunites with scrapping. And photo shop.
And Bill wants a laptop.
As for the kids, I will have to get back to you on that-
I have no idea what they want. Probably toys.
Living in Fantasy,
PS. Santa, Don't let these pictures fool you. I still REALLY NEED a camera.

Dear Lord,

You are everything I need.


Love, Sarah


Goody said...

Be healed dearie! Jesus, Sarah! She carries your name! Oh, Santa got the letter.
I am sorry that you got the miseries. What time is the party?
Love you much.

Tammy said...

Hoping you are feeling better soon! Loved your Santa letter...could you make sure Santa tosses one of those Digital Rebel's my way :-)

mikster said...

Feel better soon...and are you the reason I have a cold now too?

Colleen said...

wow! great news!!!! what is it with you and jen both being sick and published??? do you have to get sick to get published? just curious..hehe

seriously though...congrats mija, and hope you feel better soon!!

Jen said...

I love you. You're so sweet. And why are we both sick and getting published for the first time with an effer dare??? But i like it, well, other than the sick part. And so happy for you, you so deserve this!!!! YIPEE!!!!

Have a great time on your trip!!!

Gina said...

Some of the best memories are made on road trips. Inspiration? Feel S-N-O-T free soon!

Missy said...


and congrats on the pub ;)

Virginia said...

I'm so sorry you are sick! This time of year too. :( Blech. Prayers for you and the fam tonight.

CONGRATS girl on the cool stuff happening with your art lately! :)

SuburbanMom said...

Congrats on the LO and too bad about the cold sore. I get those too and they suck.

Jocelyn said...

Sorry you're sick! Me too. Doesn't feel good! Congrats on getting into Legacy and adorable cards!!

Gina said...

Me again. Feel better girl. You're too fun to be sick.

Anonymous said...

being sick sucks! but hey, being published kind of cancels out the sucky part. YAY! congrats, congrats! the 1st of many i am sure! LOVE the cards! those jumbo cards are so fun to work on. kit should be there by end of the week hopefully! sent them last week :)

e said...

Congrats on the pub!!!!
Hope you're feeling better ;)