Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Scrapbook in Tip

This was handed to me this morning by a small lanky boy with a very sour expression. Apparently he was not too happy with me for rejecting his fabulous ideas (that he was shouting at me while I was otherwise occupied). I told him I wasn't going to do those things and he should do his own scrapbook page. He did. Once he had his idea fleshed out, I think he forgave me.
I was part amused, part annoyed and part ashamed. So really, I guess I felt like a mom. I mean, sure it's a great "scrapbook in tip" (read it really fast) but COME ON!!

We are all home sick today. Bill went in, but he probably should have stayed home. Ahhhh. 88 Degrees in November. Is that a recipe for illness or what? It's cooler today, thank You Lord!!!!

The busy-ness begins tommorrow. Hoping to use today to recover. I'm only giving it one day. Then, sick-be-gone! I am done with you! You can stay today, but tommorrow you are O-U-T!!!!!

ETA: Thank you, Mr. HarryTick for the editing of the paper so everyone could read it! :)


Bill Heroman said...

Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha. Smart kid! (God, help us please!) :)

Beautifully shared, honey.

Tammy said...

Sorry to hear that your family is ill...hoping you are all on the mend the scrapbook in tip....too cute.

Kim said...

What a smart little guy!

I wonder if that's the way he wants you to get his attention when he doesn't do what you ask.

Sorry your sick, but you must be well manana!!

Anonymous said...

haha... love it!! "out of the mouths of babes"... who the heck came up with that quote?

i just went out and re-stocked the multi vitamins and vit.C trying to avoid this very thing~ GET BETTER!

Goody said...

Hope you will be all better tomorrow. Don't forget my rx for good health. He is a smhmat cookie! Love you all!

Jen said...

I love ihs page!! Tell him i said so!!

Hope you all feel better...muah!!

e said...

ahh...feel better!
It is this stupid weather...
85 wednesday....69 today...
what's THAT about?!?!?
yuck. :(

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear your ill :( I love your sweet note and story.

Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling better! Christine Traversa