Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Circle Journal

Ok. Here it is in all it's splendiforous Glory.
The Wacked Out Circle Journal of Sarah.

Topic: If you could pick one person in History to interview, who would it be?

Me and cj's. Man, somehow they just manage to get me all psycho in the scrapbooking department. I go up and down the scale.

Exhibit #1:

Here we have the cover of the book. This is a nice 7 Gypsies journal covered in some lovely 7 Gypsies paper- nothing too out of the ordinary, acutally quite conservative. Looking at this, you think, "Hmmm, traditional, brown...she'll probably want to interview Jackie O. or George Washington, you know, that sort of person."

Exhibit #2:

Now you're thinking: "Well, lookie here. She's moved into some Foofala and Heidi Swapp. Gettin' a little funky there, eh, Sarah? Step back with the masking tape and staples! There is such a thing as excess, dear. Hmm, a splash of red to brighten up this neutral page. She'll probably interview someone practical with a bit of color like Ben Franklin or one of the Ceasars- Julius or Claudius, perhaps Livia! "

Exhibit #3:

You think: "Holy CRAP!!! Sarah ate her scrap stash and threw it up all over this page!!! What the heck is going on here???? She'll be interviewing Salvidor Dali or the Marquis De Sade! What a mess! Did she leave her sense of proportion in the car that day? Holy Toledo! Rip it out and start over before I have a seizure!"

Exhibit #4:

"Well, phew! She hasn't taken total leave of her senses. I'm not sure about the turquoise with the Captured Elements paper, but maybe if I were to see it IRL, it would look alot better! (;)) I do like the embossed Bazzill Circle with "well" stamped in it. It does look rather well-ish. The Samaritan Woman, eh? Rather odd choice, Sarah."

Well, reader dear, it is an odd choice, but one very dear to my heart. I am so curious about this woman. If you look at her story, there are missing elements and unsaid questions and answers I just ACHE to know. Who was she?

But.. I sorta know. She is every woman. Every thirsty woman with a past they'd rather not discuss, and a bleak future. And then in He walks and turns everything around, knowing full well who she is and what she's done. And not caring at all about any of that, just went out of His way to give her a drink, should she ask for one.

So that's it. Now I've let the crazy cat out of the bag. Please leave a comment to tell me if I really should do that sign-in page over. I probably won't cause I'm pretty lazy- just awfully curious. I used a highlighter, for crying out loud!


Tammy said...

Sarah....this is wonderful....and your commentary about it has me laughing on the floor!! You are so creative. I wouldn't do that page over...If it were me I figure God gave me a reason to make that page...not going to redo it. Like it just as it is. And love the woman at the well...our Pastor just did a sermon on that story and what an amazing person to interview!

Jada's Gigi said...

Love the Woman at the Well! And your journal is wonderful! Beautiful page of "the woman" I agree, she is every woman...and her story is ours as well...He really does change everything! His history becomes our history and His future, our future. I wouldn't be any other woman!

Colleen said...

i LOVE your journal!!!! it is gorgous!!!!!!!! still working on mine, and i'm stuck. but i can't work on it until i get these tests graded. ugh.

but i seriously love your journal. i want to be you when i grow up.

Goody said...

Well, compared to my personal circle journal (pcj) this is too, too! I have seen it before so it isn't a shocker but it is still wonderful dearie! (Exactly what is Holy cr..? Something we did while homeschooling perhaps?
Love you,

SuburbanMom said...

Wow that is very cool. I can't believe the amazing CJs I see out there. I'm in such awe.

Jocelyn said...

WOW!!! GORGEOUS. Seriously, this is absolutely amazing- you are so artistic and talented!!

Gina said...

You're super woman. This is fabulous. Talent oozing out of your ears. Great job Sarah. And the page-by-page narration is the greatest. More inspiration from you in my stash!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sarah, Your talent is amazing! I'm in awe. It's craft night tonight, and you've just inspired me.We've missed you guys, and hope to see you soon. Charles is doing a lot of traveling.

Kim said...

Sarah, I love how this builds from something mild to something wild!! Keep the crazy page. That's life! And the Woman at the well... great choice!

Unknown said...

I think it looks fabulous!!! Fun to read about the medthod behind creating it too :D

Anonymous said...

sarah you talented gothic goddess! LOVE what you have done, i want to see it and touch it and ooh and ah in real life! you are an inspiration darl!