Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hair today, gone tommorrow.

Do you have stringy, straight, fall-in-your-face-everyday hair?
Do you long for a cute hairdo?
Then you are OUT OF LUCK.
This ponytail can be achieved in 47 complicated steps only to be blown to smithereens the minute you step out the door.


NicoleBond said...

dude, i feel your pain... me and all forty seven hair clips it takes to keep my hair up on any given day

Goody said...

Perhaps you should wear a nurses cap. Hmmm, I might have one somewhere.

Jada's Gigi said...

Are you already disillusioned with your new do? ohhh

April said...

dude i am CRACKING up laughing.

my ponytails are also time-consuming and easy-falling-as-soon-as-i-walk-outside.



midwest_hick said...

lol....when I was much hair was very long....and very curly.....keeping it short keeps the curls

Tammy said... I guess there really is no hope for me then. :-)

Jocelyn said...

LOL! I'm the worst with hair and I have so much of it, it'd probably take me 86 complicated steps. It looks cute though- if that's any consolation!

Colleen said...


at least you have straight hair. i have curly hair that will only retain curl with massive quantities of gel, but humitidy gives me an afro!

sweethc said...

I don't even bother to rock the ponytail anymore. They have always made me crazy.

Unknown said...

Aw :(

I can't even do the pony tail thing ... mine's too short.