Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday, Sunday. I just don't like Sundays! I really am all about anticipation, so for me, it might as well be Monday! That's why Thursday nights are great, and Fridays are wonderful, Saturdays wane, and Sundays completely stink. Isn't that kinda sad? I need to change my thinking. I'll do it in three simple steps:

1) Decide what my negative thinking patterns are.
2) Decide what I want my positive thoughts to be.
3) Completely change my entire personality.

Easy as pie.

Bo starts first grade tommorrow, and his Darth Vader back pack is completely loaded and ready. He has given up the train table for a sleeker, cooler, and more lego/space friendly IKEA set. We haven't gotten the shelves yet (long boring story, all about how it's an hours drive to get there, and when we call, they say they have them in, but when we get there after driving ALL THAT WAY, they don't actually have them, or are using them for display....well, I guess the story is not that long, but still very boring.) but the rest of it is in! Oh, how I love IKEA!!!!!

We have moved the smaller desk next to his bed, and added a taller desk, that he can use for homework or writing. He's been doing alot of reading these days.
Well, I need to be a good parent and follow up with Emma to make sure she cleaned her room. She has a hard time when she pours all of her clips, ponytail holders, puzzle pieces, ribbons, My Little Pony brushes, and jewelry all over the floor. It is a bit intimidating.
The dryer has sounded it's psychotic buzzer, reinforcing the need to get off the computer.
Ciao, bella.


missy said...

Ditto on the Sundays....Not to mention, I always feel like something fun and exciting should be happening on that day, but more often than not, it's made up of bodies all over the house, eating non- stop, waiting for the next meal....sleeping til they're hungry, eating til they're sleepy....

missy said...

and BO's room looks great! I'm so jealous about IKEA.....but I'm also very proud of Bo and his reading skills!