Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Search for God

I have a number of drafts in my queue from various attempts to put words to the place I've been spiritually for the last few years.  I realize that my tripping point has been in trying to lay a background so that the strangeness of the "Sarah the Skeptic"  might be as remarkable to you as it still is to me. In trying to do so, I get bogged down in the past, and think, "oh, there's just no way I can communicate all this!" It also made me horrifically aware of my own pride and self-centeredness. I have decided that it's more important to document this journey that I am currently on than to try to retrace the steps that led me here.

Am I afraid? Yes.

Does that matter so much? Not really.

Have I been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to find the courage to post this, knowing it will force me into a responsibility I don't really want?

You betcha.

Consider this my coffee stain on the blank canvas. A post to get me over the fear of starting wrong.

I will be brave.

God grant me courage and perseverance. And time.

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Unknown said...

you got this...