Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reduce Reuse Recycle.

I have started to become more aware of the waste in my household. I am aware of this for several reasons, the main one being the need to spend less money.

I have made some small changes (maybe not so small) but there are others I'd like to make.

I have a recycling bin which goes to the curb full each week.

I would like to start using these.

I have been buying whole chicken and using if for multiple purposes (roasting for meat and boiling for chicken broth)

I am considering using this.

I have always loved shopping at thrift stores and garage sales, but now I am not looking for extras, but for necessaries. So far, with this purpose in mind, I have found a bread machine, weed eater, edger, and a pile of brand name clothes for Emma.

We had a flood in our son's room due to the ac leak. Thankfully my dad was able to help me fix it, and then, rather than hiring someone to come in and change the carpet, we pulled it out ourselves, dried it, and put it back in.

I bring re-useable bags to the grocery store. They carry so much more and really reduce the number of trips needed to bring your bags into the house. Of course there's that whole environment thing too.

Is there a part of me that is embarrased by all this? Yeah, a little. But the larger part of me is very proud of using resources wisely. These are things my grandparents did as a matter of course. They did not have the option to spend more and work less. It IS harder and takes more time, revealing the truth of "Time is Money." It can be super satisfying when I engage in the activities rather than resenting them. Being off work for the summer really helps. ;)

I would like to have a compost pile and keep chickens. Can you imagine fresh eggs? But there are all these stinking cats in the neighborhood.

One of my favorite cookbooks is one my mom used, and was given to me by friends for our wedding. I use it all the time.

I love to make the french bread out of it, and the master baking mix is good too!

What are some ways you save money/the planet?


Pound said...

this is one of my fave topics!
this is what i/we do:

1. ethan's sandwiches and snacks for lunch are packed in little plastic containers. that way we don't use a bunch of ziplocs everyday. i have several in diff sizes depending on what i'm packing him. get some bento boxes from the j store (if you have any)

2. we switched to cloth napkins a few yrs ago, and now it takes us about 2 months to go through one roll of paper towels. i also use the kind that tear off in skinny sheets so i'm not using a HUGE one every time.

3. recycle bins.

4. if i use a gal. ziploc bag to store a bag of chips, i'll reuse the ziploc cuz there was never any food touching it.

5. i split up food right away and freeze it. split up a package of ground beef into 2 and freeze, that way i only defrost what i'll need to use. same w/ hotdogs, leftovers, etc.

6. aluminum water bottle and refill it instead of buying water. it's also bpa free!

7. it takes us about 3 days to fill the dishwasher, but i only run it if it's full. dishwasher uses much less than washing by hand!

8. car wash uses less than washing yourself too.

9. of course the totes for shopping.

10. get the huge costco size bottle of hand soap and refill the soap dispenser instead of buying a new bottle every time.

11. i use ethan's schoolwork/school flyers/notes to print non important stuff. i keep all that paper and print stuff like old navy coupons on the back. or directions. it takes us like 2 yrs to use up 1 package of printer paper cuz i really only use the backs of ethan's school papers.

i am very bad about using a lot of tp though. that i cannot skimp on.

Bonnie said...

I'm so proud of you, you green girl!! I do the cloth napkin thing, too, as it's really easy and definitely cuts down on paper towel usage. I leave them sitting on our bar in a basket so they're always accessible. Recycling bins, of course. Also, I line permitting. I do recommend fluffing in the dryer for a few minutes, though, as line dried clothes are CRUNCHY!! Goodwill is a friend of mine (1/2 price day every 3rd Wednesday of the month). I haven't bought new jeans for the boys in years, and they could care less. They'll inevitably destroy them anyway. I am finally in the habit of toting those reusable bags to the store these days, too. I even store all of the plastic that produce comes in to haul back and recycle. I'm a bit nutty, though. Yeah!!! I love that you're making these kinds of changes. It's so important.

jayjay said...

Amember how when I was flatting with you in your single days, coming fresh from NZ, I wanted to soak the shower curtain in bleach to get rid of mould and you said it was cheaper to buy a new one! Ha ha. There's one for you. Love all the other things you're doing. (Oh, and we just bought a new shower curtain).

Goody said...

Good for you! It makes a person more aware of what they really waste. My frig is way too full cuz I won't waste food. Leftovers are considered tomorrow nights dinner or some lunch for one of us. Coffee grounds are saved for mulching the flowers and I can never throw out paper bags or gift bags. But I do have trouble washing plastic bags and reusing them. I should really consider recycling. Yes, I will! How do you get one of those little green cartons anyway?

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