Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I took my daughter to the orthodontist. He, smiling and apologetic at the same time, said with few words that there is alot of work to do. Something along the lines of: We're gonna be buddies.

Impressions, spacers, expander, brackets.

She was sad and burrowed into my side.

I took her to the Mexican grocery store to cheer her up.

We gazed in wonder at the mounds of pan dulce and the rows of aqua con fruita in barrels of bright colors. Picnic tables in the grocery store where people ate and socialized together under the shine of huge pinatas and the ringing mariachi music.

We got our pan dulce and our crema mexicana and headed to the check out. She observed the staples in the belt that rolled our purchaces up to the yellow shirted employee. She said "Wal Mart and Tom Thumb don't have these."

I was suddenly 7 myself, standing at the checkout with Mom, eyes closed, finger resting on that moving belt, wanting to believe that it magically renewed itself, and that I wouldn't feel the metalic coolness of the staples grazing my finger. But I did, rendering me helpless to resist the impulse of counting the seconds to see how long it took to go around again.

Emma didn't have that luxury, since I wasn't doing the weekly shopping. But she noticed. She noticed it. Then I remembered noticing it too.

There is so much I would never recall if I did not have her. Things of my childhood are made doubly precious by the enriching experience of being a parent. She was sad to hear that she had to get braces. I was elated. Major difference, somehow making a discovery of a small similarity that much more delightful.


Pound said...

poor em. i always wanted braces as a kid and never got them. her teeth will be so pretty.

Jada's Gigi said...

We did't have very good experience with "preventative" braces for our was a waste of money, I'm afraid. Still needed regular ones later on.
I like your conveyor belt/your childhood comparison.

jayjay said...

What a lovely post. Rich imagery, and a wonderful turn of phrase! I was THERE, and putting my own finger on the belt. Thanks, Sarah. I was for a moment, back at 7 too - and that's a longer distance for me!

Goody said...

Now you have exceeded yourself with your writing! Oh my gosh! Bill must be devastated! It was as if I was there and could picture it all! PTL! Such nostalgic pathos!