Monday, February 09, 2009

Premium Brand

Some things going on right now.

The Flu.

Journalling (not by me, but the two offspring. Bo's reads like Twitter, a blow by blow account of the details of his day. Emma's contains drawings of herself wearing jewelry and hairbows.)

Facebook. Sigh.

Drew's 16th birthday. Holy cow.

Pokemon and Hannah Montana Valentines.

Me wishing I would finish something creative.

Dad playing tennis.

Pretty much being bored with this post and thinking I'll delete this second attempt which, as it turns out is super lame, because I wanted to post a poem I read, but don't want to be hoity toity and high falutin' so I'll put this wretched bit in as a palate cleanser, so to speak.

It's a saltine, kids. How good can it be?

If you're looking for me, I'll be playing solitare.

1 comment:

Goody said...

Lets hear the poem!! Loved all of the pictures! Ahhh, memories are make of this.