Monday, June 02, 2008

Full Disclosure

I suppose that most everyone knows now that we are moving back to Texas. Not the hardest decision we've ever made, simply because it had a nice deep basis in practicality.

Emotionally, I cannot deny that I am glad to go home.
But I cannot deny that it is hard to leave.
I hate leaving. I'm tired of saying goodbye.

2.5 days of school left.

18 days until we load the truck

23 days until we arrive in Texas

I don't want to live by countdowns, but I'm afraid old habits die hard.

In less melancholy tones:

David graduated! Have I mentioned that not only Dave, but Luke and Mark also got full scholarships? We're very proud!

This is the second incarnation of my haircut. Needs to be shorter in the back, imho.

Hellooooo fatty. Get some sleep, yo. See next picture.

We're into green smoothies these days....this one not looking so green, but spinach gets squashed with all that, er, heavy watermelon right, on the top, there.

Emma at the Kindergarten Luau. She received her Kindergarten awards last week: super reader and citizenship. She has come so far, and I'm very proud of how hard she has worked this year.

Doncha love the big pink bow? And the sideways pupils?

I got a job as a school nurse at an elementary school in Texas and I'm beyond thrilled about that. We've had a struggle this year, but living near Missy, Scott and kids, making dear friends, and gaining experience- has made it very worthwhile.

We don't regret coming at all.

And (cover your eyes Floridians)

as Emma said:

"We really are more Texas people than Florida people."


Aimee said...

Hoorah, I'm a dear friend! :D

Glad you are mourning the loss of Kimball. Kimball is mourning the loss of 'choo.

jayjay said...


Kim said...

Looking forward to you being back. Love ya sister!

Pound said...

aww, you're moving to tx? you'll be closer to uh, me? :P

love that pic em's drawing. and your hair looks cute! but ya maybe a lil shorter in the back. it'll be mayyy-jahh.

Anonymous said...

Sarah! It's Cole! I'm sooooo glad you are coming back here. Especially now!!

Kathryn said...

Had no idea you all were moving back. Give us a call....Ryan will be thrilled.

Where will you be?

Anonymous said...

Your haircut is really hot. Seriously. Keep it!