Monday, June 16, 2008

Moving Tips

Ah! The delightful process of clearing out, packing, moving. It's certainly not the horrific chore it used to be. We've learned some things.
For example:
The Goodwill is a great storage unit.
Banker's Boxes are totally worth the investment (some of ours are on their 4th move!)
Carefully marking your boxes is highly overrated.
Packing can be done relatively quickly if you get rid of a lot of stuff.
Fewer stuff= Fewer boxes. That's my kind of math!

The newest helpful moving tool we have found are the vacuum bags from IKEA. They are actually called Hajdeby, which translated means: "Miracles of the Modern Age as Interpreted by Brilliant Swedish Designers." I call them "sucky bags."

Here we have the before shot of a number of our family's animal friends. Notice how fluffy and three dimentional they are? Those things have taken up a lot of truck space in the past! What will we do now that we only have a 17ft truck? Leave them behind? May it never be!

Enter the miraculous Hajdeby. This bag was made to hold two pillows and one blanket, but look how well 3,487,598 stuffed animals fit inside! And look how happy it has made the kids to see their animals so compacted. Because, really, isn't their happiness what it's all about?


jayjay said...

That is so fu fu funnny!!! The squishy shapes of 345,398 animals. What fun it must have been to see them all suck in. I'd like to apply that thar wee machine to my waistline.

Pound said...

HAHAHA that bag of animals!!! i'll have to check out the sucky bags.
and i saw the purple toothless buffalo in there!!!!!! awwww...

good luck on the move. moving is one of the 7 circles of hell.