Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Emma is not a girl to be put in a box. She is neither "girly girl" nor "tomboy." She loves her dresses, but has no compunction about getting disgustingly and appallingly filthy in them. She likes to clean with me, and yet her room is usually a big mess. She is very opinionated, and brutally honest at times. (example: "Mama, how come you don't wear a two piece bathing suit? Oh, wait. I think I know....{painful silence between us}") She moves very s l o w l y. She's usually about 3 feet behind me anytime we are walking. She's the last one in the car, but that is usually because she is finger painting in the mist on the windows. Bill says her nickname must be "hurry up" 'cause we say that to her all the time. She's a good shopper. She got this fantastic little sewing machine for three dollars. She has now made a pillow for Kirsten, a pillow for Hedgie, and a purse for Mrs Ray. Bo's got big business plans for her...make a bunch of stuff, sell it on the internet... you know the routine.

She isn't usually very chatty. It's hard to get a word in edgewise with this one in constant attendance, but when we are alone, she hits a train of thought, and plows through it, full speed ahead. Her progression of thought is very logical, quite mature. She just has a hard time spitting it out. Literally. One time I counted how many times she repeated" time..." before she actually told me the thing she wanted to tell me.
Deep breath.
We are working on thinking through the whole sentence in her head and THEN saying it. She could not say her R's for a long time and we would try and try to correct her to no avail. Then one day she heard herself on a video. She looked at me and said "Why do I sound so weiwd?" I said "It's because you say weiwd not weird. Hear the difference?" She was silent for a while thinking about it, and then began correcting herself.

I digress, because obviously, I'm nutsy-cookoo about her, and because I rarely take the opportunity to think about who she is. I would never try to label her as a certain type. Honestly, I don't think anyone could. She follows, she leads, she thinks, she plans, she plays, she pretends, she dresses up, she clings, she goes her own way, she's brave, she's shy, she wants to go to Paris.
She loves.
My heart swells with gratitude for who she is.
She plays gamecube in a pinafore.


Unknown said...

HUGE commendation on taking the time and brain power to think and write about her, mom. Good use of time and attention--and a very precious and worthwhile subject if I do say so myself.

sahmqueen said... is a huge blast from the past (even if it was just a wee part of your past). It's me, Glory (then Kreutzer) now Pettit...Jason Pettit's wife. I just reconnected with Pat Sullivan since he was just in town and got his blog address, and then I see your comment on there, and I was like WOW!!! I have enjoyed catching up on your blog. Jason and I will have been married 12 years this Sunday (May 11). Crazy, huh? We have 3 boys, ages 7, 4, and 21 mo. Check out my blog at Chat with soon.


Pound said...

ok seriously, when is she and ethan getting married???
he'll put a stop to bo's sweatshop plans for his lil sis.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes. What April said.