Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bo Posted

You can check it out and comment on this blog if you like.


Goody said...

I love it. I can hear your voice Bo and will hear it in person soon! What a dance!!
Love you

Pound said...

oh man, that scrapbook page?! your mama must be so proud.

that dance looks fun, did you meet any cute girls, or did your mother being there cramp your style?

jayjay said...

Hey Bo, loved reading your blog and seeing the photos. You are SOOO enthusiastic it's contagious. The dance looks like it had everyone rocking. AND I know and love Branson myself, but he was way smaller when I lived in Jax. He probably won't remember me, although I did see him again at the conference in Atlanta last year.
Love you

Angela Christenson said...

Hello Sarah, Was just leaving a comment on Jennifer page (slightly off course) and thought I would check yours out. Love the pictures from the labor day post. And your scrapbooking is very nice too. My sister lives in Florida also. Southern part on the west coast. Haven't been there in over a year. I need to get there sometime next year and visit.
Love the portland oregon song. Have a good night/day!