Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday.

I could gush all day long, so maybe I just will. Alison is smart, beautiful, witty and generous. I feel so privileged to know her and to call her my friend. I don't know exactly when we started communicating, but I found these files dating back to Feb 2006, and that's when we were to the point of sending things back and forth. I know it's a convinient sort of relationship, this internet thing...but I know enough to know that she is a great person, and although we have never met IRL, she has added to my life, and I am very thankful.

Hope your birthday is happy. <3


Alison said...

thank you
thank you
thank you!

Jamie said...

Oh my God, this is the nicest post EVER!!!! :)

Pound said...

omg did alison make that notebook emma's holding?! what a lucky lil gal.
and i agree w/ what you said :P

Bill said...

Hey. Testing my new handle.

By the way, you are one delicious looking babe! Who does your graphics?

shelly b said...

so sweet!! it's amazing to meet such cool people on the net!!

kim brimhall said...

that little book is so great. great blog missy!