Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's worse than finals around here! Procrastination galore!

There's this new movie out.

I love it. Love love love it.

Love it better with my ancient history stud husband, and my greek and latin scholar brother.

But I'm willing to go see it alone. Right now, even. Even with work piled up on my desk. I'll leave this post halfway done if someone said "You should go see 300 right now."

Hey! That's a great idea!

But no, really I do have work to do. So obviously I'm blogging.

Went to the dentist yesterday. (Now that sentence just reeks of exciting things to come, doesn't it? Are you on the edge of your seat yet?)

I screamed.

Screamed! At the DENTIST office! Well, he didn't numb me very well, and then drill started burning, so he decided to give me more novocaine and didn't put the lidocaine gel on first, and I swear that needle almost went straight through my gum and out my ear. Well, after I screamed, I started laughing and apologizing, even though tears were running out my eyes and into the charming bulbous pink chamber over my nose blowing happy gas at me. I patted it fondly with one finger saying "Must be the gas talking."


I know.

Here are things I thought about while under the influence of Nitrous Oxide.


dang it, relax!

I'm hungry.

I wonder if this guy is going to try to torture me. Wouldn't that be terrible?


Relax, this guy is not going to torture you.

Are they laughing at my pink nose?

Deep breath through the nose.

Lord. Why can't I focus and turn to You?

I'm hungry.

Are we done yet?


You should know that I had five fillings removed and replaced. AND I get to go in two weeks and have five on the top taken out and replaced. I get the chills just thinking about it. I think "Laughing gas" is a misnomer. (even though I laughed) because it doesn't really make you happy or knock you out, it just renders you incapable of strangling the dentist or smacking the crap out of him.

Seriously must get to work.

So more about movies.

I loved: A Good Year
Mrs Palfrey at the Clairmont
Here Comes the Groom (classic Bing with Jane Wyman. GREAT songs)
Stranger than Fiction
Prestige- all the talking I can do about this movie has been spent on Bill and Linda B.
(you know, there have been some good movies out lately! How nice for a change!)

No, I really must get to work. Stop!

Bo lost two teeth in the space of 12 hours! He finally lost that front baby tooth! I'm so happy, and so is he. Now he is no longer Mater but "The Toothless Ol' Buffalo" to quote Calamity Jane.
It's very giggly around here just lately. Bo is on the third Harry Potter book. Emma read "How Many Fish" with just a few prompts. This is HUGE and we are very proud of her. Many other bragging mother things, but I think the dentist story was boring enough for tonight.

Oh, and I didn't forget about the big box. I will get to it soon!


Colleen said...

300 was AWESOME!

sorry about the painful dentist...hope you gave him what for

Jamie said...

I think you DEF need to go see 300 after that horrible dentist action.
And report back. :)

Anonymous said...

300 is a Must!!
Loved the Pestige too!!

Shelly Brewer said...

Ok..I'm a history teacher, and I don't want to see 300. Is it THAT good? And the dentist story is hilarious. Last time I had novacaine I went to the bagel place next door right after and then realized I was eating the side of my mouth...ok...gross...sorry.

Pound said...

don't talk to me about teeth things. i had the worst of all teeth things. ew.

your family sounds so dorky. love it. so much better to discuss good movies with.

Goody said...

I am so proud of you for blogging...and such an awesome subject. 5 at a time!A very toothy blog. Finally out Bo! I miss his snaggle tooth!

jayjay said...

ALright, I'm going to that 300! He's cute. Dentists - don't talk about it. I owe mine a visit.

Jada's Gigi said...

This is Crazy good! :) 300 looks awesome..ouch on the dentist condolences..

Anonymous said...

I loved, LOVED Stranger Than Fiction too! I miss 3-D Sarah...sigh.... Blogger Sarah is a fun runner up though.