Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Good Weekend.

It consisted of scrapping and surprises. Come on. What could be better?
Mom and Alison and Jenny took me out on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday early, since Mom is going out of town. We went for Mexican, and then "had to be somewhere at 8."
Where was that somewhere?

The Bass Hall. and for what? Only something that would delight me no end!

A tribute concert to the one and only Ella Fitzgerald. My favorite. To say it was grand would be an understatement. Loved. The Bass Hall itself is so lovely- bright white and beige, with art deco styling that feels so modern, and yet classic. Beautiful.

Just missing Missy.
So on to the scrapping:

These are for Dares Number 54 and 55 respectively. My inspiration for this one was here
For Linda's Dare:
This is the final entry to Anja's CJ. It's being sent off tommorrow.

On a final note: I've been wanting to post this since Christmas. It is what Bill got for me. I wanted it so bad. I can't believe he found it and gave it to me. I love him so much. And I also love the necklace. :)


Alison said...

You're BACK.
And I love that necklacke.
Like tons.

caroline said...

sounds like an awesome weekend!
loooove the scraps!

Pound said...

that hall loos cool. love the dares. that site is cool. and that necklace- lovely. and i can read it too- awwww. how sweet. of him i mean lol.

Jada's Gigi said...

Awesome birthday gift! Mus Ella is the bomb! (is it still cool to say that? :)) love the necklace too!

Anonymous said...

happy early birthday sarah
looks like you had a lovely time

missquiss said...

Yay! I love my CJ - I can't wait to get it!

What a great weekend you lucky duck!

Goody said...

It was a fun time dearie! I am just glad that you enjoyed it! Love the scraps! Thank you Lord, for Sarah! The pix are great, and hilarious!

jayjay said...

What can I say! Delicious in every aspect - scrapping, birthday, Ella, photos. Happy Birthday Chook.

Colleen said...

oh yummy
and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Deborah Fantasia said...

Hi :)
I found your blog and thought I'd say hi !

Anonymous said...

Don't ya love being the birthday girl???!!!...I've been known to milk that...I mean...celebrate...for up to a month before....Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

hi girl!!

LOVE this necklace... wow. it's amazing and so unique.