Monday, November 06, 2006

Scraps and a Shout Out.

I don't know how people cover every square inch of their layouts and make it look symetrical, I really don't. The "amazing" one was a real effort, but I do love the way the Outside the Bubble chipboard from Magistical Memories looks! ;)

Props to my neice Sarah, who casually mentioned to her mother that in the free throw shooting fund raiser for her school, she made 97 out of 100 shots.

97 out of 100.
she is a sophomore.
let me repeat that.
97 out of 100.

That (ahem) is the current NBA record for consecutive free throws. (ahem).

Ya heard?


Goody said...

Oh, lovely, lovely! The milky duds! And their people.
The lo are great dear.

Virginia said...

ooooh i love these girl! especially the "amazing" one. fab.

whoah 97 out of 100??!! oh wow. i don't think i could even manage 1 out of 100! congrats to her!

sarah said...

awesome pages...they look fantastic!

and 97 out of 100?! that is AWESOME!

Colleen said...

diggin the scraps girl

and whoa
97/100!! WOW
she rocks!

Kim said...

You are really good at the scrappin' thing. My favorite is "Amazing". Not just cuz it's Goody and Emma and Rita and Rose, but it looks great!

Yeah for Sarah!!! She's good at free throws. Yeah again!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

ok, those LOs are amazing.
and yay to your neice, that's awesome

caroline said...

love the scrappies, girl!!!
and that IS most definitely awesome!!

Anonymous said...

i ditto what everyone else said above me
you are the coolest dud ever

Dustin said...


ive tried that many times in the front yard...never even got close
good for her.

Chares Square Co-op said...

yay for super scrappage!
and congrats neice sarah!