Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Buon Giorno

The coffee shop is open for business.
If only it weren't 30 minutes away.
Not that it stops me from going, but it sure would be nice.
It's called Buon Giorno and I could (and have) spend many hours there. Jenny has created a warm, hip, inviting, stimulating environment. She is so fabulous with design, and she has worked so hard. I feel very proud to have helped just a little.

Here's a little creation called a Tuscany Mocha. Dark chocolate and orange. I've never had a refreshing coffee before. It was faboo.

This is the "six o'clock lounge" otherwise known by some of the adults (who obviously know things) as "make-out room."

Emma and Mom at the counter. It's her last day to be four. She'll be five tommorrow.


another sigh.

Jen painted this table. Isn't it so cool? She is just oozing talent, is our Jenny.
So tommorrow is the Princess Party. I'm so excited about her present, I could just spit. I mean it. And I could also spit because I went to Target at 9:30 at night to get a new battery for my camera and they were OUT. grr. We do have the movie camera though. Watch this space.

PS. the coffee shop is in Grapevine, if you are in the area.


sarah said...

that cup of coffee looks AMAZING!
i love the mocha valencia's at starbucks, but i'm sure that one was way more tastey than starbucks could ever be!

ooohh, she's gonna be 5?
she is adorable.
a princess party sounds perfect!

Anonymous said...

that is a very cool place!!!

Kim said...

How lovely! Jenny is a very talented lady! Coodos Jen. You too Emma. You are growing up so fast! Love you!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could go with you to that coffee shop

Goody said...

It truly is a very fool shop. My cappichino with soy was delish...I got a heart on the top of mine! (How do you spell it?) Happy Birthday dearest Emma!

Goody said...

Not "fool" shop. I meant "cool" shop! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

You've almost made me wanna take up coffee drinking!!! Hahaha...what a cool place!...and a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BIG 5 YEAR OLD PRINCESS EMMA! Charlotte just turned 6 last week!

Virginia said...

Aw big happy birthday pink fluffy princessy wishes to Emma! :)

(Rockin' coffee shop! I wish I could go!)

jayjay said...

I am soooo THERE! And indeed, soon will be - at least in the States! Yay. I'd be at that shop every day, really.
Hippy Pappy Bthdthday, as Pooh would say, to EMMA. Aw 5!!! Amazing. What a gal.
See you SOON

Anonymous said...

i'm not a coffee drinker but that looks DELICIOUS!!
enjoy the princess party!!

Colleen said...

that looks yummy

i love coffee shops!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I so want to go. Let me know, and I can meet you there.

Hope Emma had a wonderful Princess birthday!

caroline said...

that coffee looks GOOD
that place looks AWESOME

Anonymous said...

that place looks super cool, and i love the layouts below!

Anonymous said...

Ok girl...it's time to put down the coffee cup...and back away from the coffee shop....slowly...don't look back...ok..now keep on walking...that's it..back home and update your blog!!!