Sunday, October 22, 2006

stuff, cool and good.

Sunday night.
But check it out:
Major stuff ya'lls.
wanna know why?
good stuff.
a week with my childhood friend.
watching our daughters bond in like 2 seconds flat.
our mothers (best friends) watching their grandaughters bond in like 2 seconds flat.
3 generations of best friends.
How often does that happen?

Magistical Memories has new stuff out for November.
Cool good stuff.

3 Scrappy Boys asked me to be on the design team!
good cool stuff.

New job.
good and cool.

clean linen closets.

laundry's done.

2 weddings in one week in December!

grass in my yard!

good things and cool stuff.


and not much sleep due to the midnight showing of Marie Antoinette with friend on last night of her visit.


and take me with you. I only wish it was a book, cause I want to be on the couch with a blanket and hot tea- reading it all day long.

Watching The House of Elliot series again, which is enjoyable.

The weather is cool. Like, sweaters cool.

Like my fragmentalized writing style tonight is.....



and not at all related to my fatigue.

Talking of which, I have clean sheets and the down duvet, and so I will to bath and bed.

Oh, and you know what else is good? This. Much chuckling.


good stuff.

and cool.


Anonymous said...

love the clean sheets
and the generations of best friends
(that only happens to special peeps, ya know)
and big congrats high five to the new kit club

caroline said...

3 generations? wow! that's awesome!
and congrats on the DT!! whoo hoo :)

Virginia said...

wooohooo! congrats girly!

wow. that's so cool- 3 generations of BFFs. love it. :)

Jada's Gigi said...

3 generations? Wow!
you sound a bit strange...but ahem..

Home Is Where The Heart Is! said...

This really made me smile. I love that you are having a good time. I could feel Our Lord leap inside at the thought of your happiness. (For the first time in a very long time.)

When you smile Sarah...the whole world does smile with you.

Thanks for sharing your joy.

I Love You no matter what,
Your Sis Annette

Anonymous said...

Oh happy day! So with you on most of this!...the clean sheets especially!...if I were a princess..(ok, I am that!!!)..with lots of money..(There we go)..I'd have new clean sheets every night!! I would decree it to be so for all in my kingdom!..

Colleen said...

awesome post girl
awesome post

Colleen said...

oh and i forgot
how could i forget


Goody said...

It was wonderful indeed!

Kristi said...

It is a book!( Marie Antionette, that is!) I saw it at Costco, here in Canada! I guess maybe I should go get it!

Joyous said...

Sarah, I got my package today, thank you so much, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the magistical memories stuff the most, very cool!!

jill said...

I love the generations of friends! I became best friends with my mom's best friend's daughter. Funny how that works. Cute picture! And congrats on the kit club!

Anonymous said...

p.s. the movie is based on a book by antonia fraser. =P

and congrats on the dt!!!