Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Winners and I Had a Thought....

We have Winners!!!

Bo picked number 3- which is Kimber-Leigh


Emma picked number 15- which is Jill


Alrighty then.
I've slacked with the blogging.
I'm back on caffeine, but not as on it as I once was.
I had a wonderful wonderful weekend for many reasons, but not the least of which was April-

my dear friend.

it was wonderful.

like I want to write all things sappy sounding, but they won't go far enough.

But I will say that I love her dearly, and am priviledged not only to have her in my life, but to have her as my friend.

Thank you so much for who you are, and for coming...

oh, and for marathon scrapping with me Monday night. Can you believe we each started and finished a mini book? I really can't! So much fun!

I'm still sitting here five minutes after I typed that last paragraph, trying to put into words what
ug. I just can't. Thank you Lord for April. Thank you again. I'm so grateful.

Alison blogged that there are things she has in her daily life that are very important to her, but which don't make it on to the blog often. This made me think about blogging and how there really is a line which I don't cross. I think the line has receded a bit recently, and I'm a bit more comfortable with it there. I tend to post how I feel about things, not necesarily the things themselves. If you know me well enough, you can tell how I feel by the way I write. Do you bare your soul on your blog? I mean, isn't that really hard when so much of what makes us tick is the people around us, and they are all reading it? I have a couple of times here and in scrapbook pages, and it is sometimes freeing and sometimes nauseating. I have enough going on in my life without adding nausea. So unless I think it will help someone, it's pretty much just gonna be

daily life
cute children
and how these things relate to moi,

but I will try to make it as witty and interesting as possible.
So far not so much.


Bill Heroman said...


What a good boy! ;)

Mara said...

so glad that you enjoyed your 3 day weekend :)

Anonymous said...

How could it possibly not be witty and interesting?...You are writing it, my dear!...

Colleen said...

love long weekends
just love them
this week is a breeze now

never put super personal stuff on the blog. you never know who is reading it. plus, gotta love a girl with a little mystery surrounding her.

Jada's Gigi said...

Beautiful April! I know you two had a ball!

angieoh! said...

It is so weird that you posted this because i just said the same thing like a week ago - my posts are not glaringly personal b/c I just don't feel comfortable being so open with people I don't know in real life.

i love you and your blog though so don't quit on us!

Kimber-Leigh said...

how fun to check out your blog today and see my name as a winner...hardly ever happens!

Goody said...

So, are you being reticent? Hope you won't leave out the passion you feel about LIFE! Do you think you can make the FOX witty and sly in the same sentence? Yes, you probably can.(Sigh, you are the bestest!)

caroline said...

i agree with alison

missquiss said...

As long as the blog is full of scraps and funny things Bo nd Emma say, I'm happy! Witty and interesting comes naturally for you.