Sunday, September 17, 2006

Scraps o' Life


"I am a soccer star!"

"He is so generous!" (after Bo gave her a flower)
"God made the flowers on the trees for them to wook beautiful, and God made the flowers on the ground for us to pick."
"What does ______ mean?" insert any of the following words: somewhere, sometimes, perhaps, maybe, which, later, somethings, I don't know, we'll see. Apparently our girl is not a fan of ambiguity.

And one for the dare:


missquiss said...

That superhero page is kicking my butt. It's brilliant! I still love the Emma LO and reading the things she says always cracks me up. "What does maybe mean?" You're not getting away with anything, are you?

jayjay said...

Those are spine-tinglingly wonderful. Gosh but you are clever. Sigh

Colleen said...

you rock
oh yes you do

LOVE that b/w page up there.

Anonymous said...

amazing work! love both lo but the one for the dares... wow!

Jada's Gigi said...

Emma is adorable...

Chares Square Co-op said...

emma-isms are SO AWESOME.
and so are your pages :)
totally wonderful.

Anonymous said...

you know where she gets it from right??
from the coolio mama
and your scrappies are delicious

e said...

emma and colten...
i get "that's not really a reason" and "what does that MEAN?" ALL the time!
Love this post...
and that layout.

gabbyfek said...

LOVE those pages
so so so much.
and the emma. so darn darling.

Kimber-Leigh said...

those are all lovely!

emma is way too cute!

jill said...

your artsy layouts make me really happy. Love the emma-isms too.

Anonymous said...


i seriously LOVE this!
simplistic wow