Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This picture is worth six words.

I had a GREAT Mother's Day.

Yes, folks, that's an iPod Nano. Nano-Nano. I'm cool like Mork. Love it. Defying Gravity blasting in my ears. Now if I could just get my compy to read my discs, then I'll be spending my evenings scrapping away in my own little happy music party brain in the evenings.

This picture proves something. I should have gotten my sisters a card for mother's day. Missy and Jenny BOTH got me this one. I am absolutely certain that had I picked one out for each of them, it would have been this one. Be sufficiently amazed, please. Missy is in Florida, and Jenny is in Texas. I think it's in our wiring.

I'm currently at the point I usually get to two days before I go away where I feel like I have gobs of things to do, and can't figure out what any of it is. Laundry is rolling, kids are in bed, bag is out to be packed (I have to work all day before I get on a plane, so I'll need to pack tommorrow.) Next thing on my list? Make a list. Don't leave home without them. At this point I also feel extreme remorse for leaving my kids, while at the same time extremely ready to get out of town. I have to get on an airplane every so often, or I become antsy. And I'll have Nano on the airplane. That's good stuff.

Leave Memories is closing. I've been very happy to be on the team, and wish Holli all the best.

So bring it, all you manufacturers. I've got time. You know you want me. ;)

It was a bad day today...glad it's ending. I'm always glad when evening comes. Time to myself at my desk to putz, create, type, connect. I used to feel so depressed when the sun went down. Now I'm charged and ready to hit the pen, ink, keyboard, whatever. So that's another reason I'm grateful for this hobby. It beat the "9 o'clock Blues" I've suffered from since childhood.

Bo did a "Top 10 Reasons I Love My Mom" at school. Number 5 was "I love my Mom because she finds time to scrapbook." What a great kid. He also loves me because I work so hard at work. My favorite one was "I love to hear my mom sing You are the Light of the World." It was a song I started singing to him while I was pregnant, wanting to test the theory that he would retain it after birth, and into his infancy. I chose it because I think it covers most of the essentials for life, and because it is such a sweet lullaby. I mean, if the theory proved true for him, I wanted it to be a song that would ring in his spirit later in his adulthood when he would need it.

"You are the light of the world O Lord, and you make your servants shine

so how could there be any darkness in me, if you are the light of the world?

You are the bread of life O Lord, broken to set us free,

so how could there be any hunger in me, if you are the bread of life?

You've overcome the world O Lord, and given us victory

So why should I fear when trouble is near, when You've overcome the world?

'Cause You've overcome the world."

Did this page for the Dare #27. It tells me a story. It tells me of a deep love, and of a hope, and of a life that is His.

It will remind me that my experience is true. And when I cannot see, I will remember Him.

And if you've managed to get through to the end of this post, then you deserve a prize that I, unfortunately don't have for you. But you deserve it nonetheless. Unless you consider me getting to meet TuScrap , the pub cookie pusher this weekend a prize for you. I know it is for me!!!!


Anonymous said...

I adore my nano. You're gonna love it.

If it doesn't stop raining here soon I'm going to scream. It's been gray for over a week here. I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping.

I love that LO.

Anonymous said...

so funny about the 2 cards. i love it! there were so many things in this post that i just don't know what to comment on! but i read it, and i a-liked it. and i like you :)

jill said...

Loved this post. I love what Bo wrote, he is a wise child. Love the nano. Love the lo. Love

caroline said...

aw. looks like you had an awesome mothers day!
jealous of the nano.

Missy said...

oooh I just finished up scrapping tonight with the ipod BLARING... I am sure I will be DEAF.

And I love your Dare... gorgeous... and meaningful.

Anonymous said...

one day i will meet you
i have to

Chares Square Co-op said...

i want my prize!
yay for the nan-ster.
and evenings to ourselves.

Michelle W. said...

tuscrap is giving out cookies?!

your layout rocks
sucks about leave memories
you will get on tons of teams
and I'll go to Texas and make you do a proper texas accent for me!


Virginia said...

Cool stuff! Love that song- what sweet words. I know that Bo will cherish that for sure. Hope those words go deep into his heart. :)

Lu said...

oh! you got a lovely gift.

Colleen said...

isn't nano the word mork from ork said?

nano nano

think that is why steve jobs calls it that?

ipods rock
nuff said
nano nano

Mara said...

congrats on the new nano.
you will LOVE it.
and your page - love it.
and your vacation - enjoy it.

Anonymous said...
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Jen said...

Is that thing pink???
A pink nano??

Jada's Gigi said...

So funny about your sisters and their cards...My sisters and I do the same thing..especially J and I...it freaked N out for the first few years they were married. lol!

Love, love the song! I think I'll link over for my Lyrics I Feel post....my firends need to meet you anyway. :)
the LO is wonderful too...I can see how it would speak to you.

Gina said...

Thanks for the Keith Greene reminder! Love him.

Tammy said...

Sara...you are so lucky...I've been wishing for one of those...still wishing, but one day it'll come true I know it. Glad you are enjoying yours!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and what a great gift! I got a shuffle for my gift! LOL

Anonymous said...

love the layout sarah! good for the soul artwork- the best!!