Friday, May 12, 2006


So there's been some scrappage. Heidi Swapp stuff hit the local shelves. It's a problem.

Bo is all about the monkey bars these days. He was telling us that he has to wait in line for them. Two weeks ago, the huge ant pile was a major draw.

I recall elementary school and the playground fads. You know, the week long "hot" items that you all raced out to get to. One week, you are bribing people with your Oreos at lunch if they will give you a turn on the swings, and the next week, they blow empty and abandoned as the whole gang gathers around the slide. The trapeze bar, playing frogger in the swings, kick ball, flipping on the monkey bars. Playing "Star Wars" with four Princess Leas, two Han Solo's and three Luke Skywalkers.

In the recollection of these things, I felt like I had once again been let out of the burden of a hard desk seat, the dreary monotony of spelling tests, seat work, sharpening pencils and the odor of sweaty kids and sandwiches slowly warming up to room temperature. The blissful liberation of sun and wind, and freedom to move the arms and legs, if only for 20 minutes, was water to a thirsty school girl. That Freedom is inside me now. Fresh air. Sunshine. It's inside you too.

What playground trends do you remember?


Alison said...

This girl named Kristen always wanted to play a game where we lived in a land where girls could marry girls. I didn't understand what she meant until some time later.
And then there was the sock rolling
And the ribbon barrettes
And the slap bracelets
And the colored braces
And the bangs

Lu said...

money bars. that is my most vivid memory of the playgrounds.

also, love the LOs.

Anonymous said...

great photos to work with! sheesh. i love these sarah

jill said...

Love these Sarah.

When I was in 6th grade pogs were popular. That was such a weird fad. I totally remember the slap bracelets. And wearing your overalls with one strap unbuckled.

jayjay said...

The wasps hanging around the rubbish bins outside. The endless games of pretend by the big trees on the outer edge of the fields. Mostly being a mermaid there and swimming in and out of the trunks. Sigh.

Colleen said...

red rover
red rover was the shiznit man

and the friendship bracelets
the go gos

colored rubber bands for your bracelets

remember when lunchables first came out?

Michelle W. said...

layout rocks (you know that already)

I remember falling off the monkey bar and break off both of my arms!

Anonymous said...

lOVE the layouts. the green is so cool.

my fave fads were the days of marbles, and the coca-cola, fanta, sprite etc YO-Yo's! the height of sophistication and cool.

Mara said...

Four squae.
Four square was awesome.
I love your new LOs.

Goody said...

Wow, who are those old babes?
Let's see....monkey bars, jump rope, hop scotch, and jacks. Sitting still in school almost drove me crazy, and those stinky boys!!

kellymccaleb said...

um, hello, the flip bar? The flip bar was where it was at for the girls in my school!
I do love a good game of teatherball...

staceykingman said...

I love it when you scrap. :)
Playground memories: boys sneaking up behind me a popping the back of my bra. Ick, ugh, eww.

Anonymous said...

Well, we used to play "communion" with potato chips. The sisters did NOT care for that.

Anonymous said... you're taking me back a few years...kiss chasey was one of my personal favourite playground games...ok, so it's still one of my favourite games to play!...

Chares Square Co-op said...

wowza lady...lovin the pages & paintin action!
i remember kick the can...
LOVE recess!

Anonymous said...

SEE-SAW!! Loved that thing, didn't stop till my legs were so long my feet wouldn't lift off the ground anymore.