Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back in the swing

I so need to be in bed. I think I'm coming down with the stomach flu. Good times.

It's been a mad dash of a week. Coming off a vacation, even it's just a two-day one, is always hard. It's like the whole routine has been thrown off kilter, so apparently I
a) have a routine
b) it's off kilter.

We are getting a new floor in the study, so tommorrow there will be alot of putting things in boxes to be done. And just when you thought my space was jam-packed:

you should see Bill's. It's gonna be a challenge.

Did a bit o' scrapping. One of the kids.

and a swap with Sarah (the hodgees)

I'm pretty sick of my scanner and it's bleach streak. It's a rebel scanner. I photo shopped and photo shopped. Sometimes it does fine, and then sometimes- you get that streak. But, I'm obviously less a fan of "re-scanning", than I am of "bleach streak."

And one of my favorite pictures ever. I think I may print it big and frame it. I just love love it. I took it today at Bo's game.

My boys at the end of season party. Bill's the coach but he has the parents present the trophy, and tell their kids how well they've done, and how proud they are of their children. It's pretty amazing, actually. For the child to be in front of his/her peers and have their parents publicly say that they love them and are proud of them. Not alot of opportunities for that sort of thing, when you think about it.
Aren't they handsome?


Anonymous said...

cute boys and photos sarah!!
and the whole vacation throws
everything off and we all need
them anyway. I have been back
from Vegas for 2 maybe 3 weeks
and just barely unpacked.

Michelle W. said...

you crazy talented woman. Sorry to hear about stomach flu. That's no fun...

I miss my daily dose of sayfiddy... Take care of yourself so I can call and harrass you. There... Now you have your motivation to stay healthy! Just for your deal ol' sleaze1.

layout just rocks. Love those happy faces!!! Happy face makes me happy. Ha!


Goody said...

Very cute pix! Possibly my favorites. Certainly some of my favorite people. And Emma's favorite ball game person!

Tammy said...

What a wonderful photo and great pages (as usual). Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Anonymous said...

Just lurrvin' those lo's girl!!! So divine!...and I love that your husband sets it up so those kids hear how great they are from their parents!!! sweet is that man!...hope ya feelin better!

e said...

eww...i hope you didn't get the flu.....!!!
love your layouts darling..
and crack me up.
(except for the flu part)

Colleen said...

great lo's!
hope you feel better soon!!

Kim said...

The scrappin' is wonderful! I especially love the pic of Ev and Emma! Great shot!!

jill said...

That pic of emma is so perfect! Love the lo's too!

Jocelyn said...

everything cute. way cute, sarah
love those adorable pictures and layouts!

staceykingman said...

Your poor space.....but the family photos are treasures! Focus on those, sweet friend.

Just this Girl said...

it's official
i'm blog stalking you
love the babies
love the layouts
love the photo from the ball game
holy cheese on the wall of stuff there!!
and phew. i'm done