Tuesday, May 09, 2006


It is hot as blue flugeons. Soccer practice got cancelled cause of the heat index (107).

I have some things I need to make tonight, like Nurses Day cards, but I am fairly certain that the girls in the office will not be getting cards from me this year.

Lunch tommorrow at work, and do I go, do I not go, if I go, do I take Emma, or do I go and ask Mom to babysit, yadda yadda yadda.

She rocks. She sent me a post card on her vacation. I love her for that.

Cole got a job on her first interview on her first day here, and has been working like a dog ever since. Just wanted to show some love for our working girl.

In honor of Nurses Week, I will throw down some old school narrative charting on my current state.

Pt is alert, somewhat lethargic, oriented times three. Complains of pain to lower back level 2 on scale of 1-10, but states that is relieved by ibuprofen and heat. Pt has multiple raised macules to bilateral lower extremities all pea sized or smaller, with a pink circumference and a raised center. Pt reports severe itching at times to these areas. Pt instructed to avoid scratching these areas, at it will only exacerbate the itching, but to apply a cortisone cream. Pt continues to scratch during skilled nurse assessment. Pt unable to state the origin of the lesions, but states that she noticed the first one this morning. Pt states that she was out in the woods on Sunday, but did not experience any itching until today. Neuro checks intact, pt has flat affect, but denies depression. States "I'm just sleepy tonight, ok? Gosh!" Lungs clear to auscultation, heart rate regular, BS auscultated to all four quadrants. Capillary refill <3>

Which, being interpreted, means:
She's OK, but she's got like a million mosquito bites on her legs.

Emma is becoming more and more interested in Learning. It's very encouraging.

Bo needs a haircut in a very bad way. He had some girlfriend problems, but we got it all sorted out. One thing I learned from my parents is that the phrase "I'm not allowed to" comes in very handy for getting out of undesirable situations.

Thanks Mom and Dad for "not allowing" me to do so much. Like play Twister at Jackie's boy girl party in the fifth grade. Even when the entire room busted out laughing when Kari said "Yeah! Her mom said 'Others may, you may not.'" I still grateful today. Sort of. Well, mostly grateful. :)

9 more days and I'm off to Florida to see my second oldest nephew graduate! Yay for weekends with the Thieven Mob!!


Michelle W. said...

I'm here...

Michelle signing in,
missing my sayfiddy
working on my layout
hopefully it will be cool
congrats to your nephew!

jill said...

I love reading your blog. It makes me
I'm sending your layout today! For reals! I even got the envelope to put it in. Here I go...

Mara said...

It's hot here too.
And humid.
And I'm with Alison, what a flugeon?

Goody said...

My mother used to say to me, "I hope I live to see the day...." and "some day you'll thank me!" She did and I did. I lub you!

I love those nurses reports!

Anonymous said...

Your parents sound like my parents. They would say things like "It's PG and that means we have to watch it first to make sure it's OK." One time I had a slumber party and we rented a PG movie and my parents made all my guests call their parents to make sure it was OK for them to watch it. Mortifying.

Jada's Gigi said...

Yes, what pray tell, is a blue flugeon??
HAve fun in FL.

Michelle W. said...


someone needs to blog again so I can get my share of sayfiddy

p.s. I forget to mail off your layout. I'm bad I know...

staceykingman said...

LOL on the nurse thingie:)