Sunday, February 19, 2006


Hi Ho! Another weekend coming to a close here, at least for me. The husband and son are off tommorrow. We've had a good weekend. Alot of downtime on Friday and Saturday morning, which I consider glorious. Did a bit of scrapping, not alot, and am trying to keep up with the house so that I feel like it's staying clean! Friday night we took the kids to Curious George, which we all loved. Bill and I joked about going at "naptime" (for us) but then we chuckled all the way through it. The kids really enjoyed it. Very sweet, clever and funny. Thumbs up.

Yesterday some friends came to stay the night and visit the church, so that was fun- Charles and Kathryn brought the kids, and the five of them got along really well- no fighting, and much sadness when the parting came today. Stayed up late, and introduced Kathryn to Strong Bad. Charles defragmented my compy, and I am SO happy with the speed at which I am able to check all my usual haunts! It was getting so s-l-o-w!!! Thanks Charles!!!

We went out with the gang to Mijo's this morning, instead of our usual haunt Rise-n-Shine (or Levitate-n-Radiate as my dad and I call it.) It was snowing/sleeting/spitting cold particles from the sky this morning so we were all bundled and cozy and making tons of noise in the restaurant, which is always fun on a Sunday morning.

Here's Mom and Jessi looking utterly adorable.

Bo and Ryan in a staring contest. That was a short lived competition. It is hard to giggle without blinking.
Memma. Lucky shot. She distains the camera at present.
Darling Donna and Jared. This picture makes me so happy. Maybe because Jared just finished saying "Allo, Gorgeous!" to his momma.
The group shot. Or the half-the-group shot.

New Blogger Alert!!!! Scott has joined the blogging world. I do enjoy Scott. Share some blogging love with the new guy!! My sis has also started a new blog, a nice little fiesta of an opener there!!!

Busy and exciting week coming up! 6 sisters coming to stay from Vancouver, and Gene coming in!!!!

I will keep you updated....somewhat occupied with things at present...working on editing a nurse story to post at some point....trying to make it interesting!!!

Peace out.


Gina said...

Love your nurse stories Sarah! Looking forward to the new one. Would love to see your new LO's.
Have a great week!

Mara said...

glad you had a great weekend!!

Goody said...

Oh, how fun to hear the replay and see the pictures. It was a great weekend! Masterpiece Theater makes a wonderful finale.

Jocelyn said...

Awww such adorable pictures! Love it all.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're sharing the joys of Strong Bad with others. More people should love him.