Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No Words- or at least- Way Too Many

Why is it that the greatest things in life often defy description? If I tried to describe the weekend I have had, it would take too many words, and when I was finished, I'd look and say, "Nope. Doesn't quite cut it." I could describe a moment, could find a phrase that embodies my feelings about the weekend. It still wouldn't do the thing justice. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love words. I love reading about people's experiences (not their philosophy, or theology, mind you, but their real truly live experiences) and I love this outlet for describing my own. But for this particular one, I'm not sure I have the words, much less the energy. We are all so tired, but so happy.

Some women from Vancouver, WA came to visit the church here. We were so excited about their coming, so ready to meet those who we would KNOW. They arrived, and the time was spent the first day or so mostly meeting together, singing (alot!), eating, sharing our stories and our lives. Really, it was recognizing each other. The familiar aspects of our Lord in them dawning in us, and as the weekend progressed, the sense of belonging became stronger.

But so much more than the relationship between us, was the relationship with the Lord. He was the ONLY reason for our coming together, the only thing that mattered.

This group of sisters is absolutely beautiful. Their desire for the Lord is so strong, so penetrating, that they are willing to drop old habits and cling to Him. They are willing to risk looking foolish, and sacrifice comfort to do so. These are women of the highest order. I can't express how grateful I am to have them in my heart, and to be on this journey together.

"You are the daughter of my Father, and that makes you my sister, and together we share a life that shows everyone His glory. We live for nothing of our own, no matter what it feels like, for what can this world offer to us, and we know exactly who we are."


Anonymous said...

What a great reason to praise God in other tongues! When I run out of words, its pure joy to speak in words I didn't learn and rejoice in Him! It satisfies my soul down to my toes! I think that its our own understanding that is limited, and I am so grateful that God has provided ways to take the limits off our praise.

Bill Heroman said...

No comments? Maybe you just had to be there... but I don't know if that's a sad thing. Maybe it's a good thing.

These were not just some new friends we made. These were women who were willing to cross the country for one reason alone...

For the Lord in His Church.

What else on Earth is like them?!!

Home Is Where The Heart Is! said...


I looked at these words/no-words the night you wrote it. It is so true, these beautiful Sisters are so precious that what we share can not be contained by mere words. But how glorious of you to try!!! I love you Sis, you are worth everything. You keep on speaking those words that can be so misunderstood and keep remembering that I stand with you and know exactly Who You Are, with All of Our Sisters. Thank you for your willingness to express something beyond expression.
Holy, Holy, Holy Sarah...my Sister of The Eternal Nature.
In Jesus with you,

Unknown said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend. So glad you were able to bond with these women. My mom is very involved with the Catholic Women's League and she always has such a magical time when all of the women get together for their conferences.

Goody said...

Yes, you were right about the time with these like-hearted women who came to share Jesus Christ with us. His life was shared within each of us and we didn't need another language to speak what we know is written in our hearts. We experienced him! Thank you for sharing this Sarah. He is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Well, a huge thanks is due to the Lord and to all of you sisters!!! You sound wonderful! Thank you for showing forth our Lord in an amazing way. Our sisters will be forever changed! We could see it in their faces when we saw them! They have seen more of their Lord. It is just that simple. WOW!

Now the difficult part is waiting for the meeting on Saturday when we can hear all of these portions express the Jesus Christ that is welling up in them!

What a wonderful opprotunity we have to live in the Church!

Thanks again!
Kevin (Toree's Husband)

Brittian said...

I have to say that as Jessie gushed tears as she was telling me how she had never felt so deeply the Love of the Father and the Son...that I knew things could not be the same...for us, for any of us. It seems as though each sister has been touched in the way that is both unique and the same...as Kevin said, their faces said it all. It was not an idea, theory, or words for them...it was their experience of the Lord in each of you...and to some of their own amazement...they experienced the Lord IN THEM!
Thank you to all the Arlington sisters, who said "Yes" to the Lord and proved Him to be greater than any other common ground we may stand upon.
All my love and gratitude

Jada's Gigi said...

Beautiful picture of our Lord...there is nothing on earth like the experience of being a part of other saints "seeing Him/Her" maybe for the first time. Joy unspeakable and full of glory!

Jocelyn said...

i'm so happy for you that you got all these lovely people to bond with and share your beliefs with!

Anonymous said...

seems like such a great experience!