Thursday, February 16, 2006


I always use my shiny red teapot to boil the water for my morning coffee.
Not because it tastes better,
or because I don’t like the wretched beeping of the microwave (though I don’t)
but because it is such a nice shiny red teapot.
I linger a second choosing which cup to drink out of.
Usually I choose the clear green glass mug Mom bought me in Langley.
It was the last

Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease” item of my teenage years.
The teapot was a gift for my 29th birthday.
My coffee brews and I get on with the day,
and the half empty cup sits on the counter,

until at last I’m getting dinner ready
and it is tossed into the dishwasher until the next morning.


staceykingman said...

Okay, this just makes me happy for you.

Anonymous said...

everyone needs a shiny red teapot by the sound of things! i love it!

Anonymous said...

I wanna shiny red teapot!!... and I don't even drink tea!

Colleen said...


and i love the shiney red print you are using lately. very festive

Jocelyn said...

that teapot sounds really really cute. i don't ever drink tea, but i do need a teapot for decoration. oh, i guess i drink hot chocolate, so that'll be my excuse.

Goody said...

Thats odd. I keep warming my one cup for an hour or so and it is still half empty around noon.....usually still sitting in the microwave. I am glad that you like your tea pot!

Jen said...

I think I would also enjoy a nice shiny red teapot.

Anonymous said...

Aw, how cool! I love pretty teapots! I need to get me one. This sounds so happy! :)

Anonymous said...

My teapot is shiny but it is not red. And now I feel like it should be.

Anonymous said...

As a tea lover and a collector of teapots I enjoyed and smiled as I read about your red teapot made me go to the kitchen and look and guess what I don't have a red one but I will.You seem to be such energetic person wanting to see and do it all,my guess is you will.