Thursday, February 02, 2006

ARTiot Savant

I was oh so smooth sailing around Azel Art yesterday, looking for mounting supplies for my new purple onion stamps which are supah cool. I was also looking for beeswax, but unfortunately, they had just sold the one dish of it that the seemlingly chronically hungover sales- oh heck. Let's call him a "sales artist." Anyway, this dude said the beeswax had been sitting on the shelf since the 70's. Big week for beeswax, apparently.

I wandered through the clearance section (shelf) to dig (literally) through the items. Found a delicious assortment of wax crayons in off colors and remembered seeing some really cool things on her blog and I remembered she mentioned "crayons" of some sort, so these, being on clearance, are OF COURSE the sort! Hooray! I pick up a nice grey white, a deep pink, and a limey green, and carry them bouyantly to the counter.

Now the aformentioned sales artist who is checking out, not one, not two, but THREE people at the same time, says in his groovy kind of voice, "Oh man, these are really fun." " Yeah..." I say, hoping that I will have the opportunity here to NOT look like the complete haus frau that I am in my stained (with coffee not paint) pink hoodie, ponytail, complete lack of unusual piercings and tatoos, and little girl with pink bow in tow, "I've seen these used on some really cool things."


says the clerk.

"like SKIN."

I react. (see above)
I then try to play it cool, and look at Emma, as if this was all HER idea.
But inside I'm going


So what lesson did we learn here today kids? Face painting isn't just for children anymore. It takes a real arteest to come up with such a clever use for these puppies. And lesson two? There is nothing you can do that is so idiotic that it is not worth blogging about!!!


Virginia said...

I'm up waaay earlier than I need to be b/c my darling daughter has a stuffy nose and decided to wake me up. I can't go back to sleep after taking care of her, so I think, "I'll just check the blogs...."

TOTALLY CRACKING ME UP, when my eyes should be sleepy-sleepy. Lovin' your pics! That's awesome!

Missy said...

oh my goodness... you are KILLING me... sarah... your comedic talents are WASTED... WASTED!

Anonymous said...

Aren't those Azel guys a trip? They always make you feel as though you are, perhaps, not quite wacky enough to enter their sacred domain. I wonder if there's a password, or secret handshake...

Hey, Sarah, look!!! I left a comment.

Jada's Gigi said...

Very funny! BTW...Valentines day is coming up...I can think of a very creative(translate sexy) way to make good use of those...:) do I know these things?? :)

Bill Heroman said...


Could somebody cover my eyes!!??

Colleen said...


you crack me up. i freakin love you sista girl

sarah said...

shesh, you could have warned us!
I about spit coffee all over my computer screen!
You totally cracked me up!!!

Goody said...

So that is where you were. I thought I saw traces of something bluish on your face but I thought you were just kindof low down. How funny!!

Anonymous said...

omg sarah!!!!
you are too funny girl,
love that you took these pics!

Jocelyn said...

sarah. you are way too funny for your own good. making me laugh!

Unknown said...

LOL ... too funny Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Alison's right. Face paint is so hot. You should go back to the store with your paint on. Tell the clerk you're a performance artist. That's how much he knows.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! i love it!

Jen said...

You are funny. :)