Friday, February 10, 2006

Ahhhhhh Friday.

Is there anything better than a Friday at home
when it is cold and rainy,
and you don't have to clean,
and there are new scrap supplies on your desk,
and your life has a sense of Purpose?

Not much.

Throw some candy into the mix, and plans for dinner with Mom and Dad at Mijo's and it's positively incandescent.


Kiera Knightly used that word at the American ending of Pride and Prejudice, and it didn't sit very well with me. "Incandescently happy." It was almost as if the screenwriters thought they were being true to Jane Austen, but all they knew about her was that she used big adjectives. Which she does, of course, but she didn't sit down to write a book thinking, "Perhaps I shall invest in a collection of descriptive modifiers that will enhance my readers' linguistic capabilites, but shall in addition tell a narrative epic of the marital desires and common tribulations of young womanhood."

OK, so I can't say that I KNOW she didn't sit down thinking that, but I get a sense that our Janey was thinking story, not words.

Yeah, it's a rabbit trail. Add that to the list of good things about Fridays. The wandering imagination. So I'm gonna stick with incandescent, and if those screenwriters ever make a movie about this blog they can use that word. I will permit it.

I told Emma she didn't have to have "room time" if she cleaned her room. She trotted off quite happily- obviously thinking that she had gotten a great bargain. She's been in there for over an hour. Her room is now clean. She is delighted with the fact that she doesn't have to stay in her room for "room time." She is on the computer now, and very pleased with herself. I love being a grown up.

Bill has updated his blog, for all of you who enjoyed perusing the GUSB.

Bo also has updated his blog, and this time he did the thinking AND the typing himself! This wee entry made me giggle and sob a little at the same time. It's written just as he speaks.

There is a cyber crop this weekend! Stop by and play! There will be prizes! I made this layout for one of the challenges I'm hosting, so all you gttlc-ers, you get a head start. The challenge will be to scrap something of your daily life. Just don't post the layout before I post the challenge, and all will be well.
And WHY oh WHY did no one tell me about this line of paper? It is just right.
It's by We R Memory Keepers. Yes. I should say so.

Onward into a gloriously cold, wet, uneventful weekend! The last one of it's kind for a while. We are gonna be BUSY around here!!!!


Anonymous said...

ohhhh, lucky you!
at home all cozy w/ new scrapping supplies.
how i dream of a day like that!

Gordon said...

Fridays are cool. They are usually the day I take off each week. I like to have fun with the fam.

Anonymous said...

oh what a delicious day! i am feeling your excitement..and rain...rain rain! how blissful - does it smell nice? enjoy, and i cant wait to see what you create!

Chares Square Co-op said...

sounds like a positively blissful day...
not me.
but weekend ahead.
have a good one!

sarah said...

hee hee.
no "room time" for Emma - you are tricky! :)

yay for cozy days at home!
I have those alpha's and that polkadotted paper...but not the stripes, I didn't see the stripes! darn it! :)

Bill Heroman said...
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Bill Heroman said...

I'm inspired by Emma!

Maybe if I make enough money, I can stop going to work! ;)

Home Is Where The Heart Is! said...

I just looked at Bo's blog...How completely wonderful is that perfect little man! He is so funny and loving and joyful.

I do so enjoy him.

Thanks for sharing him with all of us,

Gina said...

Adorable scrappy subject Sarah! Enjoy the rest of your rainy end of week.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a PERFECT day!
and i was giggling greatly at your musings on jane austen...hee hee
did you like the new version of pride & prejudice? i think i want to see it, though i'm sure it can't top the a&e version that i so love... :)

Goody said...

An incandescently alive blog flowing with literary adept phrases.
Emma surely has you fooled mama!
Love the scrap sheet. Bo was so delighted with it!

Colleen said...

that crop was seriously fun. i'm so glad i found GTTLC!!