Friday, October 14, 2005

Diamonds and Resting

A week ago, I headed over to my sister's to play for a bit. We had been talking for months about collaborating on a project that began with a canvas and an old measuring tape set in the shape of a diamond. This is what we came up with:
a close up:

and how we felt at the end of five hours:

It was SO MUCH FUN, in spite of my face. True confessions: I love ugly, weird pictures of myself, much to my husband's disgust. I will always have to work to just smile and not despise the result.

Well, I'm headed out today. The sisters here are bound for our semi-annual camping/retreat/silent weekend. It's a beautiful thing to escape from the demands and torments of daily living into a wood and just BE with the Lord. To slip into that quiet place where there is only Peace. Only Him. These came to mind as I am preparing myself to slow down:

"He-the Word-is the way that leads to the Father. The bosom of the Father is where He rests at noon in all His glory. Desire to be lost in God with Jesus, His Son. There is where you will want to rest forever. In His bosom you will be perfectly safe." -Jeanne Guyon

"Lastly, don't be discouraged when you become fainthearted. If possible, return to that rich throne; collect all your thoughts; return to His Face. Seek silence in the midst of tumult, seek solitude in the masses, light in the midst of darkness, find forgetfulness in injury, victory in the midst of despondence, and courage in the midst of alarm, resistance in the midst of temptation, peace in the midst of war." -Michael Molinas

See ya Sunday!


Jada's Gigi said...

Have a wonderful weekend! Practice, practice, practice His presence...

Virginia said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend (although, from the description, I can't see how it would be otherwise!).

Enjoy the peace.

P.S. LOVE the canvas. That's so cool that you can do stuff like that with your sis.

Tammy said...

That picture is should both be proud...have an amazing weekend! It's good to get away and just bask in His glory!

Colleen said...

that is so cool. i true art.

have a great trip, enjoy your peace and quiet.

Anonymous said...

sarah!!!! I'm crazy in love with this.. WOW girl.

Anonymous said...

love the canvas! so cool. my fave part is the 'wings' made from cards - so cool!

Goody said...

How darling! I can hardly wait to see it in person. I want it!!! The camping weekend was so wonderful that it lingers in my spirit like the golden moon that is shining in the sky tonight. Lord, how beautiful you are in my sisters! Thankyou for those 3 days of holy bliss!