Friday, October 21, 2005

So Bo.

It's been a good week, busy as usual, but OK. I am quite happy now, and blogging without guilt as the sound of the dryer accompanies my typing. I've done some laundry, done the grocery shopping, and emptied the dishwasher, so I don't have to sit here pretending my house isn't falling down around my ankles.

Emma went to case conference with me this morning, and was exceptionally good--she gets a little spoiled in the office, because my boss really seems to like her and feeds her lollypops everytime she comes in. Today she feasted on Cheeze-its and Peach Yogurt. She is such a funny little girl. I can see more and more how she imitates me. Today she was sitting at her desk, moving her crayons and papers around, coloring a little and talking on her pretend pink phone. As she was playing on the compy, I leaned over to give her a squeeze and a smooch, and she said giggling, "Mama, you're a mess!" At present she is on the other side of my compy desk, looking through her books. She is fond of the encyclopedias at present. She hums and talks to herself, and it's very comforting to know she is so content.

Bo is a hoot and a half. He needs a haircut SOOOOO bad. It's getting all long and stragely on his neck- ug. He has the front tooth missing, and his eyes are still pink from the pink eye that started 10 days ago!!!!!!! He's a little unkept in his appearance these days! During Emma's ballet class he does his homework and plays with the other older brothers who also wait for their little sisters. Last week they were lying on the floor facing each other, giggling and snorting furiously! I listened in and this is what I heard:

John: "Look! It's a butt!"
giggles and snorts
farting noises done by all for some time, and more giggles
John: "a butt!!!"
Colby: "Guess what we talked about at school today? We talked about BOOBS!"
outragous giggles and all the boys say "boobs" several times
Bo: "Well, at my school today, we talked about suffixes. You know, -ing and -ed, and how when they come at the end of words, they change the meaning of words."
Colby: "boobs!"
eruption of giggles from boys and parents.

This story is SO BO. I could hear it out of a thousand stories of other boys and know it was him. So like him. I was so proud of him, and so concerned for him at the same time!!! Lord, help him find his way in this world!

On call this weekend- and a CYBER CROP!!!!! Come join the fun and win some prizes!


Unknown said...

Such a boy story, I love children and their fun minds. Have a great weekend :D

Bill Heroman said...

As it happens, I actually taught 16-year olds in my special english today about -ed and -ing.

And as it happens, one of them did actually go "Ppppptttttthhhhhh"!

Bill Heroman said...

Their average quiz grade was around a 70%, but I gave the fart noise a "4.2"

(the french judge gave it a 10)

Kim said...

"Mama, you're a mess." and Suffixes are two of the many reasons I love your kids!

Sarah said...

Fixed the link! Sorry!

Goody said...

Can a goody comment on a grandkid without bragging too much? I think not! You two little dears! "Goody, make me cute!" You are too cute already!

Anonymous said...

If only doing the dishes and laundry meant that the house wasn't falling down around my ankles! It usually takes much more than that!

Love the boy story, I have heard many similiar such conversations!

Gina said...

Really made me smile. What precious kiddos.