Saturday, July 30, 2005

Things I like:
Getting alot done.

Really funny people.


Watching my children read.

Doing a good job.

Having a list of books to look forward to reading.

Emma's giggling fits.

French music.

Writing Lists.

The way everything my mother touches smells wonderful.

Things I do not like:
Feeling sick and lethargic.

Getting nothing done.


Emma's screaming fits.

People who take things too seriously.

Stepping on legos.


Tank tops on men.

Not having a good book to look forward too.



Virginia said...

Yes, men in tank tops. Who ever thought that was a good idea?!

Speaking of french music, have you ever heard the band "8 1/2 Souveneirs"? Very french-ooh-la-la kind of sound. I LOVE to put them on when I've cleaned the house, put Emerson to bed, and light a few candles. Gives a very "I'm pretending to be a glamorous French artist" feel to the house. ;)

Sarah said...

oooh! Merci for the tip! I will look them up!

Neil said...

I looked up sputum.