Tuesday, July 26, 2005


A few precious "breather" days between high activity! Doesn't the time go fast? It's been really busy, and mostly "good" busy, but as I like to say: (insert squeaky know-it-all voice here) Positive stress is as hard on your body as negative stress. I guess we will never escape it! Not in this life, anyhow! I hit a lull in the scrapbooking fever, so that's partly why I'm blogging right now. The other part is: I am avoiding the bedtime clean-up routine. It is gonna be a doozie tonight! I got a new email address at about 2 this afternoon, and I am acting like I've never had email before! I have to check it all the time!
Bo turns 6 on Friday. So hard to believe. At the same time, I have to really think to recall what it was like when he wasn't talking! That seems like a long time ago. Emma decided to "get cute" and cut her own hair. Her new haircut is cute now, but there was quite a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth when I discovered the chunks of hair missing from her head, her scalped My Little Ponys and the hair that was spread corner to corner in her bedroom. It was not a good day.
Maybe I'll do nothing tonight. No creativity, just lie like broccoli infront of a good movie...Moulin Rouge perhaps or something of that ilk.

And speaking of "Breather Days" ...

"I am breathing out my sorrow
Breathing out my guilt and shame.
I am breathing, breathing, breathing-
All His fullness in."


Virginia said...

Hi Sarah! I came to check out your blog after reading your comment on mine- we have SO much in common! My favorite movies are Amelie and Napolean Dynamite, I LOVE LOVE LOVE A Voice in the Wind (and anything else by Francine Rivers), and me and Ella Fitzgerald are tight. ;) Thanks for commenting- I'll be checking your blog from now on! :)

Jada's Gigi said...

Hi Sarah! I'm on, don't know how I did it but here I am. lol
Speaking of breathers...I'm looking for one myself. Seems as if life just goes from one thing/event/trip etc to another. I'm the kind of person who needs down time but rarely gets it. Past weekend was spent with family in Alabama, this weekend is the sisters journaling sleepover in Lithia and the following week Jada will be 2! When do I get to work on my tan or paint my toes??
Thank goodness, somehow even a moment of breathing Him in and this topsy turvy world turns right side up again. He truly does uphold all things by His word and when he breathes into me Life is formed.