Monday, July 11, 2005


Sometimes the doldrums are helpful. When the spark of life comes, be it momentary or long-lasting, I remember that God is not like me. He "changes not with it's brief hours and weeks, and bears it out, e'en to the edge of doom." He only ever is rewarding when we turn once again to Him, and there isn't any punishment or resentment. He doesn't just reveal a little of Himself to make sure we don't take advantage of Him again. He is there in all His splendor, hiding nothing, flooding us with all of Himself. And if we get lost in the humanity after a nights sleep, well, there's nothing for it but to turn again, or if that is even too difficult, there is always REMEMBERING.

Thanks, Lord, for being...sigh...You.

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jayjay said...

Thank you, Sarah, I mean THANK YOU for so ably putting into words what I often feel. It's been a hard few months, but not for one moment of it, has He not been present in all His Fulness!