Sunday, June 26, 2005

Scrapbooks and a Revelation.

I'm back in the saddle with the scrapping! I've been trying to upload the new cover I did tonight for the family reunion book, but am practicing with this one I did for the "Childhood Memories" circle journal. But so that this entry is not a complete waste of eternity, I will add this thought:

"iF You WaNT a ReVeLaTioN, You aRe iNViTiNG THe LoRD To WReaK HaVoK oN YouR LiFe. He WiLL Do WHaTeVeR He NeeDS To uNVeiL CHRiST iN You!" N.V.

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jayjay said...

Yeah, I agree with Nick Vasiliades quote. He does WRECK HAVOC on you. But who'd go anywhere else, or to someone else, when you have first seen Him?
Missed seeing the pics. ARe the files a bit large? I talk! I still can't get a photo up on the side column of my blog. You are so good at scrapbooking I can imagine they are really nice.