Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I have just had such a wonderful week, and I hate that I haven't written about it yet, but I just have such a wretched headache. Must be something about the re-entry from the beach in Florida to the heat in Texas. Or maybe it's just psychosomatic from working again. In any case, I am doing my utmost best to overcome it. Destin was so wonderful....so restful...so blissful. I would never have thought that there could be such peace in a house containing 9 related adults and their 10 children. The weather was fabulous, and we are all tan(with the exception of Bill!) and fat (again with the exception of Bill) and SPOILED! Sure signs of a perfect trip!

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jayjay said...

So glad you had a restful time WITH NINE ADULTS AND ALL THOSE KIDDYWINKIES?? Is't possible?
Good on you, girl.
I'd have come too if I could have. Glad to have you back online again. I missed your comments.
LOVE your song you wrote to Bonny Bonny Banks. . . we learnt it when Nick was here, and sing it now, with gusto and relish, and the authentic tune, NOT the Jacksonville stranger one.