Monday, March 09, 2020


Since the beginning of January 2019, I've had the privilege to be a part of the teaching team at Mosaic Church in Arlington.  All of the messages I've shared so far are here except for one day in July 2019 when we met in the park. That message didn't get recorded because, well, the park.

Preparing a message is a huge challenge. I usually start prepping at least a month in advance, heat up the preparation in the last two weeks, and the few days before are intense. Then when I get up to speak, half of what I hope to say comes out mixed with a few spur of the moment items. I find so much of the Lord in the process, and find it's a very effective way of checking my own personal theologies. Ideas that seem to explode in my soul often don't hold up after closer scrutiny. The ones that do are taken before the Lord, explored, polished and then presented for what they are worth. It's exciting and terrifying and humbling and filling. I've stopped shaking, thank goodness, but I'm always nervous. With practice, I hope to get better at sharing clearly, improve transitions, and maybe not cry quite so much.

I'm deeply aware that there are those in the tradition I'm currently associated with who do not believe that women should teach in the gathering. I'm grateful for a lead team who believes that silencing half of God's people is hindering to the body and who have invited me, Nikki Mustin, and Meghan Way Stinson to speak regularly. I'm grateful for Melvin Canales who invited me to work with the students 3 years ago, and to Stephen Hammond who is generous with help, support, and models a unique humility and deep love of God's people.

I do not believe that teaching should be the focal point of gatherings of followers of Christ. I believe it is helpful and necessary, but I believe that the church is the expression of Christ, and each individual member has an active, responsible, spiritual role. May we all continue to hear His voice calling us "farther up and farther in" and may we push and drag each other to the center of God's heart.

Remain in Me (2/24/19):

Divine Eating (4/14/19):

A Church Transformed (12/15/2019)

Martha and Jesus- Conversation with Divinity (3/1/2020):

I am the Way (4/19/2020) (message starts at 25:45)


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