Sunday, March 21, 2010

How I did not have a coffee with Channing.

This is Channing Cooke. It was not advertised that she would be at the convention this weekend, and so when the teacher said "and this is my demonstrator, Channing. Say Hi to Channing!" it took me about 10 seconds to go all Ed Grimley on her. I loved her so much on sytycd, and was like "completely mental" that she was in a class that my daughter was in. Like right there in the room!

And then, I passed her in the hotel lobby, and I had to restrain myself from chasing her down, introducing myself and inviting her over for dinner. "Like, what if we became best friends, best friends in the world, and I could just call her up and say 'Hey Channing, it's me.'"

I took a deep breath and continued moving passed her, a slight blur to my vision from the unshed tears of joy mingled with pain ( such deep emotions.)


As I was ordering coffee this morning, once again in the lobby, there she sat. Like a foot behind me. At a table. Alone. With a really cute purse. And first, I went up and introduced myself and said "I'm a huge fan" but I think I'm smart enough to know that that is not how great friendships begin. So I didn't say that.

I said, "Have you gotten to go to any cool places in Dallas yet?" and when she inquired where the cool places were to go, I was stumped and had to introduce her to a cooler-than-me person named Rachel who would know. So I didn't say that.

I said, "Hey, cute purse." Cause, I mean, what great friendship ISN'T started that way? OF COURSE she said "Hey! Thanks! Sit down and have a coffee with me! I'm so bored and lonely and you look like my new bff." Well, thanks, Channing! That I am!

Yeah, that never happened either. For no good reason other than it sounded like I was just TRYING to be cool and not a super fan.

I said nothing.

I think I actually hunched my shoulders, blushed and turned and went in the opposite direction rather quickly.

I keep telling you people I'm shy, but no one believes me!

But to the point.

I feel really close to her after all the girl bonding time we've had together in my imagination. That's the reason I really cherish this photo.

Emma and her Aunt Channing.

'Cause were really, like, sisters.

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