Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Boston and the Bulldog.

We've been dog sitting Bella the Bulldog for the last few days. She is one of the funniest animals I've yet to encounter at close proximity. So stubborn, so drooly, so underbitie, and so stinking adorable! She's so fat and white and Minnie is so trim and black, we have made alot of jokes:
Ebony and Ivory
Yin and Yang
Jacob and The Smoke Monster

You get the general idea.
We love her, and want to keep her,
and have been practicing our Jedi mind tricks to work on Jenny when she gets home.
"This is not the dog you're looking for." (two finger wave)
"Your dog would never wear a frilly polka dot collar." (two finger wave)
"And she most definitely would not wear a dog skirt." (two finger wave)
Awwww, Minnie Moon! You're our girl, and we love you.
Aw, Em. You're our girl too, and we love you too.
but you only rate a little headband decor, not a frilly collar or skirt.
"You don't really like Bulldogs. Especially ones named Bella." (two finger wave)
"What dog?" (two finger wave)

Even if the Jedi mind tricks don't work, I'm not sure Bella could leave anyway.
It appears that she has melted into our chair.

PS. Want a frilly dog collar or skirt or headband? Email me and I just might take your order. ;)


Sheila said...

What great pictures and funny-but-true sayings! HaHaHaHa!

Bo Heroman said...

that is an awesome post!!! (two finger wave)

jayjay said...

That is SO funny. What great dogs. I'd be mindwaving constantly so I could keep Bella.