Sunday, April 05, 2009

Welcome Home.

I am so grateful every day to be where I am right now. I love this house, I love the neighborhood- the easy familiarity of it all. I love the gorgeous spring days. (never mind that today is 49 and the wind is blowing like a banchee.) I love the kids playing outside with friends. It's just lovely.

Don't you like my geraniums? My dear mother in law planted those for me while they were here.

I also love garage sales. These chairs were 2 dollars each. Though they are not perfect, they are perfectly priced!! It gives me a place to sit while watching the kids do the following:
freerun in the ditch
play tech decks
ride bikes.
The backyard is reserved for another game:

Meet Cracker and Poofle. They live on the planet Zeenger. Cracker has a Magical Sword with Magic Power, and Poofle has a Magical Bucket in which she hides from Monsters. The Dragon, Beach Ball, and Jarritos Bottle are also essential, but in what capacity I am uncertain. Let's not forget The Magic Green Recorder of Magical Power. Cracker just wouldn't be Cracker without his Magic Green Recorder of Magical Power.

And now, my friends the load of whites is ready to be switched to the dryer, so I guess that's the end of today's post. With all the things I love, I do not like laundry. If I ever say that I do, then you know that the Monsters from planet Zeenger have taken over my brain. I'll need to be saved, and quickly. Hopefully, the Jarritos Bottle will do the trick.


jayjay said...

Ooo . . I love your posts. This one is no exception. Your home looks ideal, your backyard glorious - who sells chairs like that for $2? No one here that's for sure. And Planet Zeengar - I know it and visited it myself, but didn't have a bucket to hide in. dk993k vddddesww (Zeengar greeting)

Pound said...

your kids look like so much fun. can ethan come over and play?!

Jada's Gigi said...

Life is good!

kelly mccaleb said...

too bad we're not neighbors- i crazily love laundry and would happily do yours too!
great garage sale deals! love it.