Monday, January 05, 2009

"I feel like the maid...I just cleaned up this place!"

Now that I have so much storage space, I still have SO much JUNK.

How does this happen?
I'm still trying to simplify, still proud of the fact that we downsized so much in the last year. But now I have more space and those empty corners seem to attract junk like the disposal attracts spoons.

We spent a goodly portion of the evening working on Emma's room, and my goo'ness does that girly have alot of sparkly plastic things. Combs, bracelets, costumes, crowns, pens, ponies, even books are coated in sparkly plastic. It's quite the phenomenon. Luckily, Em is not too sentimental about things she's outgrown. All the princess stuff? "Gone." as she put it. "Trash." When we wailed on and on about her Little Mermaid Doll that she used to take EVERYWHERE and sing with and play with and love, she looked at me and said "Well, you keep it then!" Bo, on the other hand, stacked up the books that were his favorites long ago which got handed down, and then outgrown.
Hug (He and I will still say "Bo Bo!!!!" "Mama!!!!")
Toad Makes a Road
Bill and Pete (about a crocodile named William Everett. A must-have for a boy named William Everett.)

WHAT? Bo's name is William Everett????

Well, that's a story for another post.

Anyways. About this crap around the place. I really want to keep up with it, honestly, but my kitchen keeps pulling me back. It calls me down the corridor... "You really want to try something in that new dutch oven of yours!" And my new griddle cries out "Pancakes! Your kids NEED pancakes!" And once Betty starts her seductive whirring...well, I'm just lost.

But seriously. I really needed those things. OK. I've lived without them for 33 years now, but I think that's long enough to prove a point.

Besides, I still have empty drawers in my kitchen. So there.
And you know what? I plan on keeping them empty for a long time.
Space. The final frontier.
It's not just for Trekkies anymore.

Live long and prosper.


Pound said...

i knoooow empty space just begs for STUFF. =/ but you know you need to make pot roast in that dutch oven.

Goody said...

What Emma thre out her princess collection?? Surely she is too little to do that!

Jada's Gigi said...

Happy New Year, Sarah! Here's to an uneventful new year, yes? :) His name is realyy Williams Everette?? I didn't know. :)
Can we have the princess stuff? j is just getting into it.:)

Bo Heroman said...
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Bo Heroman said...

Can you give me at least ten minutes!!!

:) Bo