Sunday, September 28, 2008

Withing you a merry crithmuth!

All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth.
But for her birthday, she wants:
a bike
a Nintendo DS
a Libby Lu gift card
a Build-a-Bear
a poster.


Pound said...

ohhhhh ethan will be so jealous! he's waiting on his first tooth to come out. so what's for the big bday gift?

Unknown said...

Sooo cute, and, I have to say it, SOOOO grown-looking. Who IS that young lady?
Anna gets braces Monday--so all she'll want is nothing crunchy, hard, or sticky. Kinda narrows it down. Tell Em happy early b-day, and wish she could be here for Beth's tea party next weekend.

Home Is Where The Heart Is! said...


Please tell Emma that she is beautiful and although she always has been...she is just getting prettier by the moment!

Thanks for passing the message along.

Love Ya,

Goody said...

Tho thweet! When did the baby get so big?? Awk!