Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Day Before the First Day

The clothes, which were picked many days ago, are laid out.

The backpacks are stuffed with fresh school supplies.

The lunches are made.

The singing and reading is over, and now they sleep.

I will be grateful for this one of few mornings when they jump out of bed.

First day, field trips, last day.

All the others require a little shaking, bright lights, much prodding.

But tommorrow, they will be scrubbed and at the door, pressing me to go.

First Grade.

Fourth Grade.

Ah, me. Time.


Unknown said...

Ah, yes, the first day enthusiasm--left it behind weeks ago! Hope everyone's day (yours included) goes swimmingly! And know, as always, that dreadful lack of communication on my part does not accurately represent amounts of thinking of you . . .

jayjay said...

I do so hope you are keeping some sort of diary of these notes - for later - in hard copy. Your bairns are adorable and I just know you'll want the details as they grow up, recorded somewhere! I do.

Jada's Gigi said...

They do grow up so fast! hope your new job is going well...I like the pioneer woman site too. :) other than that I'm kida burnt on the internet too.