Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ten Years

The cruise was wonderful.
Three happy days of being away together, blue sea, and eating.
Not necessarily in that order.

An honest review of our experience on board.

*eating at all times and in all ways.
*the bed was SO comfortable!
*towel animals.
*not having to decide where to eat, or bust out the wallet three times a day.
*room service.
*beautiful water, and time to sit together without the temptation of cell phones and computers.

*motion sickness
*feeling like you are stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean.
*the first impression you receive (due to the roller rink decor and smoking allowed) is that you've stepped into an episode of "Saved By the Bell- 21 and Headed to Reno" That fades, mostly.
*motion sickness that lingers for a week after you get off the boat. I'm so over it.

I think we both agree that we probably won't do another one, just ourselves. We think it would be nice to
a) have friends on board
b) stop more places (we only did a three day with one destination. I think two would've been better, but five days seems like a long time)

I think my favorite hour or two of the trip was in Nassau where the above pictures were taken. We walked right through the Hilton, to the pool/beach bar and ordered a platter of conch fritters, fried grouper and wings. We sat and enjoyed the beautiful colors and talked, and were sometimes quiet. Lovely.


jayjay said...

Aw delicious!! NOT the motion sickness or the decor, but all the rest, and the PICTURES. SIGH. Another SIGH. SO glad you got away. I feel I just had a little romp along the deck myself. Thanks

Unknown said...

I agree with Jenny--just looking at your pictures makes me take a deep breath and be happy! Thanks for sharing!

Pound said...

awww, that looks like fun!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

Well you covered all my concerns about cruises...but 10 years! really?!?

Christina Carnoy said...

what a lovely vacay you lucky girl you and congratulations on the 6 year milestone.