Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Making up the Lack

This is our living room in Texas the day before the truck came. Yes, we had a slipcover on that couch, thank you very much.
Bo and Emma on the way to the airport for their first airplane ride. Very exciting!

Bags at DFW. And Mom. Oh that reminds me! On Mother's Day, Missy took us out to dinner, and made a toast to "Those who bore me." Keep that in your pocket for next year. It's a dandy.
Miss you, Mom.

Thank the Lord for strong boys!

A wedding at the beach the day after we moved.

Emma at my scrap area down the hall.

Dining Area (Table courtesy of Susie and Buzzy- it was the first piece of furniture they bought, and it is gorgeous.)

Living Area

One of my new favs, and yes I'm lame for never really having it before. My sister is opening up my eyes to new things. And I'm sparing her from the one clear picture I have of her and mom and the restaurant, not that she would mention the lack of her photo on the blog or anything.

Edamame. Yum-O. That is Missy's hand snatching up the pods.

Lizards galore.

See the palm trees? (one in the front looks a little tired, but the one in the back is just to the right of the roof.)

A little Tooth Fairy Love. Isn't "Toothless" the cutest thing ever? Who does he remind you of?


Jada's Gigi said...

Looks like you've settled in those boys have grown!

stephanie howell said...

i'ts precious, and i am so happy for you.
we are settling in too,
isn't it a great feeling???

jayjay said...

OH GROMMIT!!!! THANKS for sending the photos. I can smell the air, see the beach, and know the houses. . . don't remember yours but now I can SEE it.
Toothless is hilarious.

Shelly Brewer said...

Holy pictures! so much to see and do! LIZARDS!! Craziness!!

Pound said...

never had sushi????????? but it's so good eh?

nice to finally be home. and i'm lmao at how bo actually looks like the buffalo w/ that 1 tooth poking out. =P

Colleen said...

what an awesome house!!