Thursday, May 31, 2007


Need some inspo ya'lls.

New job is an adjustment.

I can stay up tonight, and I just feel like sleeping.

If I do that, then that's another whole evening gone.

I must needs create a few things, but it's all old to me.

Ya feel me?

so drained.

I have nothing to give but hints for upcoming raks and suches:

They are having a DT call and lots of giveaways for birthday fun!

And you really oughta stalk the skulls. I'm just saying.


AnilĂș Magloire said...

Just found the Skulls and I will be stalking for sure.
I love that page!!!!

Goody said...

She is very sweet! And acts like her mother when it is time to take pictures! Carry on me dearie.

jayjay said...

YEP!! She Shoooo Is

What are skulls? Is that some new American lingo?

jayjay said...

Ha ha, your mum and I posted a comment at ALMOST the same moment. THAT is so impressive!

Lu said...

i feel you on new job adjustment. i, too am still adjusting to mine.

Unknown said...

OMG she is ADORABLE! I love that picture.

Pound said...

omg look at emma!!! love that page.

yes yes, i agree. best be stalking skulls.

inspo: hm. dunno. will work on it

Shelly Brewer said...

Love the LO!! And you know I love the Skulls!! This summer I'll be over there every day getting my daily inspo! And don't worry'll get the feeling to scrap..

caroline said...

aww. that is cute :)
skulls is fun.

Anonymous said...

that is worth a pub dearie. you have to submit it. pretty please.